Steps to becoming a member

  • Visit the space during an open night, or attend a business meeting to get a tour and meet the members and officers. We meet as a group once per month. See the calendar on our website for scheduled meeting dates.
  • If you like what you see and want to join, fill out the application & membership liability waiver and give it to the membership officer.
  • Membership dues pay for the business expenses (rent, utilities, insurance, etc). Note: Please try to set your payment schedule to the first part of the month. 
  • Do one of the following to pay dues:
    • Set up a monthly recurring payment of $50/month using the PayPal links below.  
    • Set up an annual recurring payment of $500/year ($100 savings) using the PayPal links below.
    • If you prefer not to use a credit card, we also accept cash and checks. We have a deposit box inside the Makerspace for this purpose.
  • Attend a few open nights to learn basic safety and operation of the equipment from the available hosts. Here you will get to know some other members that can mentor you. Work on your project or join other projects during these open nights.
  • Sign up for Slack and request and invite from one of our members. We use this tool to stay in communication with our hosts, members and officers. Please join our other social media sites and promote the Makerspace and your projects. Spread the word!
  • Attend the next business meeting. The members and mentors that you have worked with will present you for approval into full membership. You will then be issued a key fob by our membership officer. You do not need to attend every business meeting throughout the year, but you are encouraged to get involved with what is going on at the Makerspace.
  • As a new or prospective member, review our Makerspace Wiki


You must be at least 18 years old to be a member. Minors are allowed at the space accompanied by a parent or guardian. However, minors are not allowed to operate equipment unless it is part of a workshop that is being presented specifically for them.

Discounts & Add-ons

Discounted memberships are available when paying for a full year membership in advance.

Reduced rate Memberships are available to individuals who qualify under one of these categories: in school, unemployed, or retired. Please see a board member to apply for these discounted rates.

Family members may be added under a Full or Associate Membership at $10/month per additional person. These members have full access to the space, but are not eligible for voting rights.

Pay Dues

Membership Subscription Options


One-Time Membership Payment