August General Meeting


First I would like to thank Ashland Gallery for hosting us this weekend!  It was a great meeting and a lot of fun.

Dana had his IR sensor LED table on display and it was pretty amazing.  The colors are bright and vivid and the project case is really well done.  This is going to be a great hit at LoDa Artwalk for sure 🙂

Patrick Davis had his drone setup and demonstrated the wireless telemetry feature.  He and several other members discussed a project to fly an unmanned drone over Mobile Bay, so stay tuned for updates!

Rick Green brought several boards and discussed the applications of each with new members.  One board of interest was the Beagle Bone Black.  This little board packs a huge punch and is great for applications where processing power is paramount.  He also spoke about the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino.

Arduino Workshop!

That’s right, we are planning a workshop on August 24th from 2pm – 4pm.  This will focus on getting you familiar with the Arduino board and the programming environment.  No prior knowledge with electronics or programming will be necessary.  We will keep you posted with more information as it becomes available.  If you, or someone you know is interested, let us know!

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