LED Throwies


These little guys are really easy to make and were a big hit at our booth at LoDa Artwalk last friday.  Kids and adults were curious about how we made them and what they were for.  So what is an LED throwie?  It’s a battery powered LED that is magnetic.  You can throw them against any magnetic surface and they will stick!  Best of all, they are really easy to make.

Tools Needed:


Begin by sliding the LED over the battery.  Make sure to match the negative and positive ends of the LED to the corresponding terminal on the battery.  The longer wire protruding from the LED is the positive side.  Don’t worry if you plug it in backwards as this will not damage the LED, it just won’t light up.  Once the LED is lit, wrap the tape once around the battery and the LED.


Next, place the magnet against the battery and wrap the tape one more time.  Congratulations!  You have made your first LED throwie!

LED Diagram


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