Things To Do as a New Member

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Sign up for the various communication tools

  • Join Slack for team communication. Email info at makerspacemobile dot org if you have not received your invitation.
  • group to be notified and RSVP for events and classes
  • Social Media: Facebook group for members and general public
  • Ask for an account on our wiki.

Read the bylaws. These are available via PDF format here: File:Bylaws v3.0.pdf

Come to Open Lab nights. Four nights a week we have volunteer members managing the space. Hosts are knowledgeable about most if not all of the available tools. They are great for answering questions and pointing you in the right direction.

Meet the members. Our membership has a wide range of interests. Find out what projects people are working on. Talk to them about what you're working on. There is a lot of knowledge in our membership and that includes you.

Get training on the tools. Are you interested in rapid prototyping, wood working, screen printing, the CNC? Some tools require more formal orientation. Ask a host or post to the discussion list.

Do simple projects. Picking simple projects helps build confidence. Find things to 3D print on Thingiverse. Modify an existing model in Tinkercad. Master the basics before jumping in to 3D modeling.

Make mistaeks. 3D prints fail. Laser cuts aren't what you expected. You are going to crash the CNC. It happens.


Help others

Have fun