Member meeting 9/25/2021

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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened by Rick Green on 9/25/2021 11:00am

Member attendance: Rick, Ethel, Steve, Brian (online), Ray (online)

Visitor attendance: Holly, James

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President - Rick Green
    • Hosting Friday nights.
    • Organized the electronics workbench. Still in progress.
    • Registered several new members. Gave several tours.
    • Participated in Artwalk and Maker Social. No visitors, but we did a lot of cleaning.
    • Hosted a 3D printing workshop and Retro computing group.
  • Vice President - Kat Steel
    • Hosted Tuesday nights
    • Attended Dragoncon
  • Secretary - NA
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  • Treasurer - Brian Wright - Financial report for August 2021
    • Gross income: $1844.51
    • Gross expense: $2802.41
    • Net income: -$957.90
    • Current Balance: $6540.62
    • Notes: Donations totaled $120 in August.
      • We need more members, donations, and other funding opportunities (Grants).
    • Financial report link here: File:Treasury Report 2021-08-21.pdf
  • Membership -
    • Numbers report for September 2021
      • xx memberships - xx Full members, xx Family member add-ons, xx student/retired
    • Total: 45 active members

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
    • Monday (Rick):
    • Tuesday (Kat): 2 - 3
    • Thursday (Ray): 2 - 3
    • Wednesday night (Matthew): 2 - 3
    • Friday night: 5 - 10
    • Sunday (Barbara): 2 - 3. Open from 12pm - 3pm.
    • Any issues
      • Cleanliness of the space could be better. Please clean up after yourselves. Also be sure to clean the equipment (laser cutter)
  • Marketing -
    • Brian has been posting on Instagram and targeted ads on Facebook.
    • Rick is posting on Facebook, Meetup, Reddit and the Web site.
    • Hosts - send photos to Brian to post online. Post them in the Social Media channel on Slack.

Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:
  • Artwalk for September was well attended. Thanks to Ray and Ethel for helping out.
  • Ray drew up a plan for the changes needed for the metal working area. Go over them with everyone for feedback.
    • Ideas voted in for increasing income (June business meeting):
      • Charge for lockers. Suggest $15/mo for large lockers, $10/mo for smaller lockers, $5/mo for square lockers, $10/mo for a laundry basket/bin sized container to go on the shelf in the closet (will need to clean the closet). Need to coordinate with treasurer on how we will collect this.
    • Sell excess/unused stuff, or sell things we make/build. Need a plan of action for this. Matthew offered to host a class on pricing items, using Etsy and e-bay.
  • Events
    • 3D Printing enthusiasts - meets today (and monthly)
    • Retro Computer enthusiasts - meets today (and monthly)
    • Planning a welding class to start in October when the weather cools down.
    • Doug has a acetylene torch, can bring it in and teach others by October.
    • Artwalk 2nd Friday
    • Mobile Tour 'd Food Truck Oct 19th 4 - 9pm at Hillsdale park. We can set up a table like Artwalk. November 16th at Langan park.
    • Mobtoberfest Oct 30th 3 - 9:30 Medal of Honor. We can set up a a table like Artwalk.
    • Holiday Bazaar Dec 4th, Cooper Riverside Park 10am - 2pm
    • Holiday Extravaganza Dec 18th James Seals Park 10am - 2pm
    • Lighting of the tree November 19th 6pm - 9pm Cooper Riverside Park.
  • Future Events planning
    • Hamfest is October 23rd 8am - 2pm. We have a table. May need a volunteer to help.
    • Holiday craft show at the Elks lodge December 4th 9am - 3pm.
    • ASMS Silent auction November 29th. Looking for donations to auction off.
    • Need more workshops and/or workgroups to plan and put on the events calendar. Are there any nights or weekends that can be dedicated to a particular topic?
      • Hot metal night with Kat (Derek also volunteered) - Tuesdays
      • Sewing and emboidery night with Ethel and Laura. Ethel needs to find availability first.
  • New workshop, workgroup and class ideas
    • Inkscape class. Used for vinyl cutters, embroidery machine, CNC machine, and laser cutter.
    • Tool restoration class
    • TinkerCAD class for beginners. FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, Blender, Onshape, and/or Fusion 360 classes for intermediate and advanced. Used for 3D printing.
    • Embroidery class - Ethel and Laura?
    • Sewing/costuming/cosplay class - Ethel and Laura? Kat.
    • Upholstery class
    • Vinyl cutting class - Laura?
    • Screenprinting class - Laura?
    • Wood turning, box making, dove tail joint - David?
    • Welding class - James?
    • Gaming enthusiasts (board games, arcade games, gaming development, VR) - Brian and Daryl?
    • Hacking enthusiasts (SDR, networks, computers, blockchain, etc) - Any interest?
    • Personal finance and investing enthusiasts (Barbara is interested in this).
    • Patenting and crowdfunding enthusiasts
    • Advertising - Dylan?
    • Hat boxes for military E7 chiefs call to initiation - Derek
  • Wood shop/metal shop expansion
    • Any updates?

New Business

  • New members to be voted in: None


  • Inventory list needs updating!!! Ray is available on Thursday nights 7 - 9pm for inventory.
  • New equipment this month
    • HVLP Paint spray gun in Paint booth
    • Hot air rework station on the electronics bench
    • Industrial sewing machine (The antique machine in the cabinet is gone).
    • Laser cutter
    • 3D Printers - Prusa MK3s MMU2s, Ender 3, Makerbot Replicator 2, and original replicator (disassembled). Also, quite a few 3D printer parts for stock.
    • Ferrule kit for electronics (3D printers)
    • Wyze security camera (from Jim Spell)
    • Quick change tool holder for metal lathe (Ray)
    • Tube bender kit (Ray) Need a place to mount it.
  • Equipment wish list
    • 220v outlet for welding machine - Tim has the financing already, just need an electrician.
    • New jointer would be nice. The Delta has been adjusted. Bruce bought the Craftsman jointer - it is now gone!
    • Large, floor standing resaw bandsaw would be nice
    • Plasma cutter
    • Foundry (Casting liquid metal) (Kat/Westley) Will wait until the metal working area is ready.
      • Westley to bring in a Big Green Egg. Need some help getting it to the space. No gas burner - coal only.
    • Forge (knife making, aluminum casting) (Kat/Westley)
      • Need tongs, hammers, safety equipment (gloves, face shields) Westley has a crucible, blower/ductwork, fuel(charcoal), consumables
      • Kat will be in charge of safety and training of all metal working equipment
    • Plumbing for air compressor (Rick Baskin). This is here - needs to be assembled.
    • Sand-blasting cabinet (Rick Baskin)
    • Ductwork for the new Delta dust collector
    • 3D Scanner. Could possibly use the Kinect.
  • In need of service/repair/parts
    • Old MakerBot printer. Parts are in - we may look at this today.
    • Prusa printer had a meltdown trying to print PC. New upgrade parts in and being installed/adjusted.
    • Roland Sign Maker needs some service work. Probably just needs to be cleaned and lubricated. Bruce is bringing a hardcopy of the service manual.
    • Newly donated laser cutter needs to be looked at. I was told that it needs the mirrors adjusted.
    • All newly donated 3D printers need some work.
    • Horizontal bandsaw has been set on its stand. Needs to bolted down and adjusted.
  • Back in service
    • Wacom screen - the power supply was replaced.
    • Graphics workstation - the SSD died. Rick installed another one and reinstalled Windows & apps. Will try to recover data on the old one.
    • Belt sander attachment on the ShopSmith has been repaired and cleaned.
    • Wood lathe has been repaired.
    • Embroidery machine is back in service.
  • Next Meeting: October 16th 2021

Meeting adjourned: 11:48am