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Member meeting 8/22/2015

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Meeting started at 10:00am August 22nd 2015 and Adjourned at 11:30am

Members Present: Dana Spisak, Brian Wright, Rick Green, Enzo Finizola, Adam Phelps.

Voted in new officers for 2015-2016. Congratulations to:

President: Dana Spisak

Vice President: Josh Rhodes

Treasurer: Brian Wright

Secretary: Rick Green

Public Relations: Enzo Finizola

Membership: Adam Phelps

Upcoming Events: Artwalk Friday August 11th. Dana, Rick, Adam and Richard will be there to open.

SALUG workshop Saturday August 12th now at the Makerspace. Topic is Linux Gaming.

Barnes & Noble hosting a Mini Maker Faire at their stores November 6-8th. Dana recommends each member with a project submit an application. Sign up at

Finances presented by Brian Wright:

7 Full Membership dues

3 Community Membership Dues

Total income as of 8/22/15 $438.79

Total holdings as of 8/22/15 $1029.93

Bills due this month:

Rent due 8/25 $400

AT&T U-Verse due 8/30 $45

P.O. Box payment due 8/30 $66

Current Projects:

Woodworking table making progress by Josh and David (neither one was present to give an update)

Dana is making good progress with the laser cutter

Monthly Raspberry Pi workshops at the Library - every 3rd Saturday 11am at West Regional

Makerspace T-Shirts for sale $15


Electronics workshop was mentioned in an email between Josh and a guy named Bruce. Sounds like he was willing to teach it.

Arduino workshop was mentioned, since these were very popular in the past.

Fabrication workshop was mentioned again, which will include 3D printing, CNC and Laser Cutter. No proposed dates or instructors given. Set for discussion at next meeting.

Advertising - Enzo has some ideas on getting more exposure for the group.