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Member meeting 10/16/2021

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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened by Rick Green on 10/16/2021 11:00am

Member attendance: Rick, Kat, James, Greg, Matthew, Reese

Visitor attendance:

Thanks to Rick and Kat for supplying donuts.

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President - Rick Green
    • Hosting Friday nights.
    • Organized the electronics workbench. Still in progress.
    • Registered several new members. Gave several tours.
    • Participated in Artwalk and Maker Social. 3 visitors, and I think all became members.
    • Hosted a 3D printing workshop and Retro computing group.
  • Vice President - Kat Steel
    • Hosted Tuesday nights
  • Secretary - NA
    • test text
    • test text
  • Treasurer - Brian Wright - Financial report for August 2021
    • Gross income: $1844.51
    • Gross expense: $2802.41
    • Net income: -$957.90
    • Current Balance: $6540.62
    • Notes: Donations totaled $120 in August.
      • We need more members, donations, and other funding opportunities (Grants).
    • Financial report link here: File:Treasury Report 2021-08-21.pdf
  • Membership -
    • Numbers report for September 2021
      • xx memberships - xx Full members, xx Family member add-ons, xx student/retired
    • Total: 45 active members

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
    • Monday (Derek): 1 - 3
    • Tuesday (Kat): 2 - 3
    • Thursday (Ray): 2 - 3
    • Wednesday night (Matthew): 1 - 3
    • Friday night: 5 - 7
    • Sunday (Barbara): 2 - 3. Open from 12pm - 3pm.
    • Any issues
      • Cleanliness of the space could be better. Please clean up after yourselves. Also be sure to clean the equipment. Thanks to Greg for cleaning the GlowForge.
      • Matthew will get more solar lights for the front. Post in Slack any projects that are left out. Post them in general - be sure to leave any instructions on when it can be moved.
  • Marketing -
    • Brian has been posting on Instagram and targeted ads on Facebook. Need to post more things on Facebook. Brian can only boost Facebook events if they are posted with the Makerspace account.
    • Rick is posting on Facebook, Meetup, Reddit and the Web site.
    • Hosts - send photos to Brian to post online. Post them in the Social Media channel on Slack.

Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:
  • Artwalk for October was the largest ever, since it also included other events. Thanks to Barbara for helping out.
  • Ray has begun work on expanding the metal working area.
    • Ideas voted in for increasing income (June business meeting):
      • Charge for lockers. Suggest $15/mo for large lockers, $10/mo for smaller lockers, $5/mo for square lockers, $10/mo for a laundry basket/bin sized container to go on the shelf in the closet (will need to clean the closet). Need an update on this from Treasurer.
    • Sell excess/unused stuff, or sell things we make/build. Need a plan of action for this. Matthew offered to host a class on pricing items, using Etsy and e-bay. Ray is taking some items to the Ham fest next weekend to sell. Also a sale available in December at the Elks lodge.
  • Events
    • 3D Printing enthusiasts - meets today (and monthly)
    • Retro Computer enthusiasts - meets today (and monthly)
    • Planning a welding class. Money has been received to install the 220v outlet - need an electrician.
    • Doug has a acetylene torch, can bring it in and teach others by October.
    • Hamfest October 23rd 8am. Anyone available to help?
    • Artwalk 2nd Friday (November 12). Anyone available to help?
    • Mobile Tour 'd Food Truck Oct 19th 4 - 9pm at Hillsdale park. We can set up a table like Artwalk. November 16th at Langan park.
    • Mobtoberfest Oct 30th 3 - 9:30 Medal of Honor. We can set up a a table like Artwalk.
    • Holiday Bazaar Dec 4th, Cooper Riverside Park 10am - 2pm
    • Holiday Extravaganza Dec 18th James Seals Park 10am - 2pm
    • Lighting of the tree November 19th 6pm - 9pm Cooper Riverside Park.
  • Future Events planning
    • Hamfest is October 23rd 8am - 2pm. We have a table. May need a volunteer to help.
    • Holiday craft show at the Elks lodge December 4th 9am - 3pm.
    • ASMS Silent auction November 29th. Looking for donations to auction off.
    • Need more workshops and/or workgroups to plan and put on the events calendar. Are there any nights or weekends that can be dedicated to a particular topic?
      • Hot metal night with Kat (Derek also volunteered) - Tuesdays
      • Sewing and emboidery night with Ethel and Laura. Ethel needs to find availability first.
  • New workshop, workgroup and class ideas
    • Inkscape class. Used for vinyl cutters, embroidery machine, CNC machine, and laser cutter.
    • Tool restoration class (Mathew and David)
    • TinkerCAD class for beginners. FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, Blender, Onshape, and/or Fusion 360 classes for intermediate and advanced. Used for 3D printing.
    • Embroidery class - Ethel and Laura?
    • Sewing/costuming/cosplay class - Ethel and Laura? Kat.
    • Upholstery class
    • Vinyl cutting class - Laura?
    • Screenprinting class - Laura?
    • Wood turning, box making, dove tail joint - David?
    • Welding class - James?
    • Gaming enthusiasts (board games, arcade games, gaming development, VR) - Brian and Daryl?
    • Hacking enthusiasts (SDR, networks, computers, blockchain, etc) - Any interest?
    • Personal finance and investing enthusiasts (Barbara is interested in this).
    • Patenting and crowdfunding enthusiasts
    • Advertising - Dylan?
    • Hat boxes for military E7 chiefs call to initiation - Derek
    • Christmas ornaments.
    • Ukranian Easter eggs. Psynka. (Kat)

New Business

  • New members to be voted in: James W. Foster, III. Emma McDonald.

Need to do

  • Winterize the Makerspace
    • Bought some rubber mats to help with the cold floor
    • Need some old blankets we can sew together to cover the garage doors
    • Cover the gap at the top of the garage doors - Barbara brought in a mattress pad that could be used. Perhaps some pool noodles?
    • Perhaps some old ceiling fans to mount up high to help mix the hot air from the ceiling down to the floor. Or just some fans pointing up to circulate the air.


  • Inventory list needs updating!!! Ray is available on Thursday nights 7 - 9pm for inventory.
  • New equipment this month
    • Lighted magnifier on electronics bench
    • Dust collector attachment for table saw
    • Large box/open end wrenches thanks to James
    • Vacuum pot (James W.)
  • Equipment wish list
    • 220v outlet for welding machine - Tim has the financing already, just need an electrician.
    • New jointer would be nice. The Delta has been adjusted. Bruce bought the Craftsman jointer - it is now gone!
    • Large, floor standing resaw bandsaw would be nice
    • Plasma cutter
    • Foundry (Casting liquid metal) (Kat/Westley) Will wait until the metal working area is ready.
      • Westley to bring in a Big Green Egg. Need some help getting it to the space. No gas burner - coal only.
    • Forge (knife making, aluminum casting) (Kat/Westley)
      • Need tongs, hammers, safety equipment (gloves, face shields) Westley has a crucible, blower/ductwork, fuel(charcoal), consumables
      • Kat will be in charge of safety and training of all metal working equipment
    • Plumbing for air compressor (Rick Baskin). This is here - needs to be assembled.
    • Sand-blasting cabinet (Rick Baskin)
    • Ductwork for the new Delta dust collector
    • 3D Scanner. Could possibly use the Kinect.
  • In need of service/repair/parts
    • Old MakerBot printer. Parts are in - Greg has been working on this
    • Prusa printer is reassembled and undergoing testing/calibration.
    • Roland Sign Maker needs some service work. Probably just needs to be cleaned and lubricated. Bruce is bringing a hardcopy of the service manual.
    • Newly donated laser cutter needs to be looked at. I was told that it needs the mirrors adjusted.
    • All newly donated 3D printers need some work. Parts arrived for the Prusa.
    • Horizontal bandsaw has been set on its stand. Needs to be adjusted.
  • Back in service
    • Wacom screen - the power supply was replaced.
    • Graphics workstation - the SSD died. Rick installed another one and reinstalled Windows & apps. Documents data has been recovered from the old SSD.
  • Next Meeting: November 20th 2021

Meeting adjourned: 12:03pm