To-do list for the Wiki

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Purpose: To have a list to track the "to-do's" for the wiki software.

Currently, we use Media Wiki version:

To-do list

  1. Authentication mechanism
    1. Does it support FB, Google or OAuth?


  1. Make it mobile device friendly. installed on 21 MAR 2020; waiting on feedback
    1. Request Description: If you go to the MediaWiki site, there's a Mobile View link at bottom. It appends a "&mobileaction=toggle_view_mobile" to the URL. Can we do something similar?
    2. See this advice page:,_tablets_and_responsive_design
    3. install this extension and the Minerva skin
  1. Easier to create/edit pages
    1. Is there a richtext editor plugin or extension?

WikiEditor has been part of the default Wiki installation for some time. It just needed enabled. This has been done.

Format for the above:

  1. Start each line
  2. with a number sign (#).
    1. More number signs give deeper
      1. and deeper
      2. levels.
  3. Line breaks
    don't break levels.
      1. But jumping levels creates empty space.
  4. Blank lines
  1. end the list and start another.

Any other start also ends the list.