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The Mobile Makerspace is located at:

805 Church Street Mobile, AL 36602

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Where can I park?

  • Always: It's OK for us to park in these areas. These are indicated in green on map
  • Sometimes: It's sometimes OK for us to park in these areas. These are indicated in yellow on map
  • Special: Loading/unloading area; See below. These are indicated in blue on map.
  • Never: No parking! These are indicated in red on map


  • Hours: Always available
  • What areas are available for parking? Do we know this? anyone?
  • I'm guessing parking on the street in a designated parking spot is OK.


  • Hours:
  • M-F: ???
  • Saturday: ???
  • Sunday:
  • The church uses the grassy lot next to the graveyard on Sundays.


  • Handicap spaces are governed under the applicable laws. Briefly, you need a placard.
  • In front of our garage doors is primarily loading and unloading. However anyone may park here. DO NOT leave the premises while you're blocking the door. DO immediately move your car if someone shows up who needs to use the door. DO help them load their stuff if they could use the help!


  • A map with color lines defining parking would be good. Any cartographers out there?