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  • Kat Steel
  • Matthew Hinton
  • Rick Green


  • Article I, Section 2
  • changed address to Church Street
  • Mail address included
  • Get input from members
  • Purpose in Article I, Section 6. RG corrected typos.
  • Article II, Section 3, sub-section E
  • Members in good standing shall be able to propose amendments to "Membership Responsibilities" document
  • These proposals will be voted on by members in good standing during membership meetings.
  • Discussed committee creation and designations.
  • Action
  • Create a "Membership Responsibilities" document on wiki.
  • proposed inclusion into document:
  • If a member is behind in dues, then they are considered to be no longer in good standing, and must pay all past dues to be considered in good standing, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon before missing payment.
  • If member is 3 months behind in dues, then they are considered an inactive member. Membership is automatically disabled.
  • Next officer meeting March 24 2020 6:30pm to disucss Membership Responsibilities document.