Officer Meeting 6/23/2023

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Opening Remarks

Meeting started 8:35pm Need to begin looking for a new place. Lease expires October 2024. Rick will contact Matt Anderson about any city owned properties.

President Remarks

Ideas to get our name out there: --Will make a change to the liability waiver and have all members re-sign it. --Need to bring attention Mobile, as a city and a Makerspace. Guerilla Marketing type tacticts. --Build the battleship arcade game at the battleship.


Cleanup from 9:30am - 11am on July 1st before the general membership meeting. James will provide breakfast and lunch for those that show up. Dancing circle idea for Artwalk. Raspberry Pi or laptop using OpenCV to detect a person in a chalk outline starting music on a bluetooth circle. Soundtrack your brand web site offers a service for playing commercial music in public. 3D printed violins for Artwalk (Rick and Cody). Video on web site About us page needs to be updated.