Officer Descriptions

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  • Convene meetings
  • Seek consensus in day-to-day decisions of the space
  • Act on the direction of the BoD. In our case, we are the BoD
  • Act as the public representative of the Makerspace

Vice President

  • Act as public representative of the makerspace
  • Help president seek consensus
  • Take over in case of absence of president
  • Encourage knowledge of equipment operations and safety
  • Research new additions to space or schedule
  • Help Members and Visitors to feel welcome
  • Shop Manager: Maintain Machines, Delegate Maintenance activities, Keep track of shop supplies


  • Assist the President on maintaining the effectiveness of meetings
  • Record the minutes for all business meetings
  • Maintain and preserve all business documents and records
  • Publish meeting minutes and public business records to the group web site
  • Ensure meeting actions are within the bounds of the governing documents
  • Ensure law requirements are met
  • Regularly check the post office box and distribute mail to designated people


  • Collect membership dues
  • Make payments as deemed by the officers
  • Prepare financial statement for meetings
  • Maintain financial records for the organization


  • Member onboarding: to reach out to new members and answer any questions and concerns they have with the organization, and give them an overview of the open studio times and hosts.
  • To reach out to members whose membership has lapsed, and find out why they have left. Potentially create an event or opportunity to re-engage.
  • Make certain that new members sign their waivers. (I know we have these on file, but do we keep these as digital documents too?)


Responsibilities to be matched

Brain dump of responsibilities that should trace back to an owner

  • Collect and track membership waivers
  • Collect membership dues
  • Ensure info@ emails are answered
  • Plan meetings by preparing the agenda on Wiki
  • Record meeting minutes, updating the Wiki
  • Convene meetings
  • Announce meetings to general public
  • Promote the organization by creating web site events, meetups, twitter, IG, FB, G+, etc
  • Review Social Media metrics and advise group of trends
  • Provide keys to new full members
  • Collect keys from leaving members
  • Prepare hosts
  • Pay bills (rent, internet, …)
  • Ensure workspace safety
  • Ensure clean workspace
  • Replace consumables