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  • Convene meetings
  • Seek consensus in day-to-day decisions of the space
  • Act on the direction of the BoD. In our case, we are the BoD
  • Act as the public representative of the Makerspace

Vice President

  • Act as public representative of the makerspace
  • Help president seek consensus
  • Take over in case of absence of president
  • Encourage knowledge of equipment operations and safety
  • Research new additions to space or schedule
  • Help Members and Visitors to feel welcome
  • Shop Manager: Maintain Machines, Delegate Maintenance activities, Keep track of shop supplies


  • Assist the President on maintaining the effectiveness of meetings
  • Record the minutes for all business meetings
  • Maintain and preserve all business documents and records
  • Publish meeting minutes and public business records to the group web site
  • Ensure meeting actions are within the bounds of the governing documents
  • Ensure law requirements are met
  • Regularly check the post office box and distribute mail to designated people


  • Collect membership dues
  • Make payments as deemed by the officers
  • Prepare financial statement for meetings
  • Maintain financial records for the organization


  • Answer any questions and concerns members have with the organization
  • Answer membership related questions sent to ""
  • Communicate and Co-ordinate with Treasurer on member dues status
  • Encourage classes to be taught
  • Give them an overview of the open studio times and hosts
  • Invite new members to Slack
  • Issue Keys to members (MH took this on himself.)
  • Make certain that new members sign their waivers.
  • Maintain digital copies of waivers (aka "waivers_backup" created by Rachel Wright)
  • Maintain Membership and Keyholder spreadsheets
  • Member onboarding: to reach out to new members
  • Survey members periodically (added by MH as it was never done. It seemed needed doing.)
  • Track membership numbers
  • To reach out to members whose membership has lapsed, and find out why they have left. Potentially create an event or opportunity to re-engage.
  • Collect keys from former members
  • Use "" to send introduction emails.


Responsibilities to be matched

Brain dump of responsibilities that should trace back to an owner

  • Collect and track membership waivers -Membership
  • Collect membership dues (Suggest Treasurer by MH? ) - treasurer
  • Ensure info@ emails are answered - president (do a reply all)(get reply from setup)
  • Plan meetings by preparing the agenda on Wiki - Secretary (fallback president)
  • Record meeting minutes, updating the Wiki - Secretary
  • Convene meetings President-> Vice Pres. Backed up by secretary per bylaws
  • Announce meetings to general public
  • Promote the organization by creating web site events, meetups, twitter, IG, FB, G+, etc - Marketing
  • Review Social Media metrics and advise group of trends - Marketing
  • Provide keys to new full members (Moved to Membership officer by MH)
  • Collect keys from leaving members (Moved to Membership officer by MH)
  • Prepare hosts
  • Pay bills (rent, internet, …) - Treasurer
  • Ensure workspace safety - Shop Manager
  • Ensure clean workspace - Shop Manager
  • Replace consumables - Treasurer+Vice President