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Document Goal summary: This document will list Mobile Makerspace membership responsibilities.

Document Goal description: This document will list expectations, guidelines, responsibilities of a maker at the Mobile Makerpace. Sanctions and resolution process will be described as well. The document will serve as a written agreement between the Mobile Makerspace and it's members. It will be reviewed yearly in either March or May.

Document Headings


  • Read things to as a new member page
  • Use safety gear (PPE). Either your own or what the makerspace provides. Safety gear suggestions welcome; inform the membership co-ordinator.
  • Pay dues on time.

proposed inclusion into document:

  • *If you are going to miss paying dues, please tell membership co-ordinator or treasurer ASAP. They will try to work with you.
  • *If a member is behind in dues, then they are considered to be no longer in good standing, and must pay all past dues to be considered in good standing, unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon before missing payment.
  • *If member is 3 months behind in dues, then they are considered an inactive member. Membership is automatically disabled.

Guidelines ("rules")

  • Get training on the tools. example: ask other members, read the manual. Try and attend familiarity classes. Or give a class if an expert!
  • Work safely. ("Mind wearing these glasses while you are around me?"
  • Inform others of broken tools. Try not to break the tools.
  • Ask before using someone's personal tools and supplies. Accept their answer.

When leaving

  • Shut off the lights except the outdoor light. (i3 has a page about how to close down the space when you are last to leave)
  • Turn off all tools (including the laser)
  • Turn off the soldering iron.
  • Don't interrupt someone operating a power tool UNLESS immediate safety concern.
  • Tools are first come, first serve. For now, work out differences amongst yourselves.
  • Use the "tool laydown/lost and found" box. Thanks David Leard!


  • Follow the no harassment policy
  • have fun
  • make things

Resolution process

  • Try and work things out with the other member directly
  • As necessary, membership co-ordinator can be an arbiter. However, both parties are bound by membership co-ordinator decision.
  • Idea: See what I3 has for their harassments policy


  1. warning
  2. A suspension of membership for a duration of the board's choosing.
  3. A ban from the premises.

See these for more ideas and inspiration:

Rick sent these suggestions through slack:

Kat and Matt adjourned the meeting. We agreed to publish these on wiki. Then ask for input from members