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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened at hh:mm by Rick Green (9/5/2020) Remote meeting via Jitsi

Member Attendance: Rick, Barbara, Mobile Public Library (Mary, Zack, Brittanie)

Visitors: Charles

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President -
    • Friday night hosting. Also came in last Saturday to clean/organize.
    • Continue to meet weekly with NoM via Zoom.
    • Contacted Matt Anderson. He is bringing the Director of the Arts center for a tour this coming Wednesday (9/9 4:30pm)
    • Preparing for Arduino workshop. Bought some extra Arduinos.
    • Friday night numbers: 2 weeks ago, we had 12 people, including 3 visitors. Most Friday nights we had between 3 and 5.
  • Vice President -
    • test text
    • Tuesday night numbers:
  • Secretary - NA
    • test text
  • Treasurer -
    • Gross income: $1174.90
    • Gross expense: $2686.00
    • Net income: -$1511.10
    • Current Balance: $10672.87
    • Operating expense – liabilities: $8358.60
    • Financial report
    • link here:
  • Membership - NA
    • Numbers report
    • Associate: 1
    • Full: 26
  • Marketing - NA
    • test text
    • test text

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
    • Any issues ?
    • Rough attendance numbers

Old Business

  • Movie night - projector and surround system is hooked up. Need some Bluray discs for movies, and a schedule.
  • Membership drive - need to contact previous members. Who can do this? Barbara volunteered to make some phone calls to previous members.
  • Funding ideas - Any updates on rotary clubs? No word yet on the grant submission.
  • Equipment inventory needed - Bruce to look into a system for this using a web based program
  • Previous meeting minutes here Member_meeting_8/8/2020

New Business


  • New equipment/supplies this month
    • AnaJet has been removed by the owner
    • One of the Prusa printers on loan from the Library has been returned to them due to high demand for printed models.
    • Brian brought in 2 new spools of PLA.
    • Progress is being made on the Radial arm saw
    • 3 new Arduino Uno (clone) and 10 Arduino Mini (clone) added for upcoming Arduino class
  • Equipment wish list
    • Drill bits for metal
    • Machine tool (Ray Lamb?) Needs a stand built. Working with Bruce on the stand.
    • Welding equipment - Bruce has a Lincoln welder and will bring it in.
      • Rick Baskin was going to contact Lincoln Electric.
    • Foundry (Casting liquid metal) (Kat/Westley)
      • Westley to bring in a Big Green Egg. Need some help getting it to the space. No gas burner - coal only.
    • Forge (knife making, aluminum casting) (Kat/Westley)
    • Ceramics/pottery - Westley is very interested.
      • Need tongs, hammers, safety equipment (gloves, face shields) Westley has a crucible, firebrick, blower/ductwork, fuel(charcoal), consumables
      • Kat will be in charge of safety and training of all metal working equipment
    • Plumbing for air compressor (Rick Baskin)
    • Duct-work for dust collector to woodworking equipment (Rick Baskin)
    • Sand-blasting cabinet (Rick Baskin)
    • Ductwork for downdraft sanding table - May be able to repurpose the one from the recalled sliding radial arm saw?
  • In need of service/repair/parts
    • Old MakerBot printer. The stepper cables between the motherboard and the extruders need replacing (at minimum).
    • Wacom screen has died. Appears to be the backlight. Looking into a repair.
  • Other
    • Vacuum Forming machines in the closet - Update from Kat?

Project status

  • Completed
    • AnaJet DTG was repaired and working, but the owner has removed it.
    • Mini theater with surround sound is working. The screen is not physicality attached to the roll-up door, but to the slides.
  • In progress
    • Downdraft sanding tables being built by Westley Green
  • Workshop planning and ideas
    • Plan to resume Arduino workshops
    • Plan to resume 3D printing group. Robert Bean from Daphne is interested in getting it started (found on Meetup). Check with Bruce on a meeting room in Daphne.
    • Simple woodwork shops. Bruce and Westley can give these woodworking shops.
    • BEST robotics are going virtual this year. We may be able to participate in some of this through Brian Wright. Check with Flightworks.
  • Next Meeting: October 3 11am at the Makerspace. 1 year open house.