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Meeting Opened at 11:10 by Rick Green (9/23/17)

Attendance: Rick Green Richard Harris Rachel Wright Julie Moffitt Matthew Hinton

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President -

           LAST MONTH:
           * Drone Racing Demo/Sign up event at St. Marks United Methodist. 10 teams have signed up for event. 
             Kits are on order should be available in about 1 week. Teams will build kits with frame to learn to fly and then build their own frame 
             for event. Makerspace will host logistics of race. Date will be 2 or 9. 
             Rick will coordinate "working" times for each team.
             Logistics day off will need to be sorted out. Concessions? T-Shirts? Prizes? Marketing? 
           * Rick bought a giant clamp, and new fans for the Ro-Stock 3d Printer.

           * Another laptop donated, have more coming due to computer upgrade at work

           * Continue Drone racing planning
           * Pallet Furniture Classes, Rick has a source for pallets. Need to test one to see about class.

Vice President -

           LAST MONTH:
          * Working on wood working class (building boxes) Huge Success, planning to do class handout.
          * Replaced Power supply in Laser Cutter computer, Josh has his in there currently, need to replace.
          * Plan wood working class to host in November

Secretary -

           * Updated Google Drive folders and edited permissions

           * Need Word Press account (Rick will fix)

Treasurer -

           * Amazon Smile link is active, banners and links available for the website. 
           * Financial Update: (PUT IN LATER FROM EMAIL)

Marketing -

          LAST MONTH:
           * QuestCon table purchased, table comes with 2 passes I purchased 4 extra passes for discounted rate of $50 for all 4.
           * Matt Hinton will be leading the convention team
           * Need to purchase T-Shirts, will cost $10-$20 each, wanting to do Heather Gray with Black Logo on Front.
           * Hootsuite - Julie recommended for multiple social media posting
           * Marketing Plan (How to Market as a member... for cons and lab nights)

Membership -

           * 6 assoc (1 new), 11 full members. 

           * Promoting Zombie Workshop
           NEXT MONTH:
           * Member skills survey

Old Business

Amazon Smile status (Brian) - COMPLETED

Payment dropbox (Brian) - Ready to Order cost is $27. (VOTE, 6 Yea, 0 Nay)

New Business

  • Need New Hosts:
  Mon - Russel
  Tues - Josh/David
  Wed - Matthew/Rachel (wont be open until 7)
  Thurs - Rick
  Fri - OPEN
  • Expansion -
  Build Out plan and vote will be next month
  • Laser Cutter Computer Upgrade
  Need Power Supply, Matthew will look up.
  Need Video Card, Josh will try to find one.
  • Matthew Hinton - Has a one-off soldering job, needs to swap a motherboard on a hard drive. Needs education or assistance.
  • Matthew Hinton - Donating Dewalt NiCad charger and Large Kreg Jig Kit.

Item wishlist

New grinder - Rick will bring his in Electrical upgrades Bigger laser cutter - requires electrical upgrade Air assist tube for old laser cutter – repaired Quiet spindle for ShapeOko - all agreed to chip in some money for this Oscilliscope - needs 2 chips Clamps (Quick Grip or pipe clamps) Power strips (high amp for power tools) Active USB extenders (Rick) Air filter for AC More extension cords - make them look unique to separate from DBP Filter for ShopVac - 90304---- ShopVac Hose and Cylcone separator with bucket. Russell has the cyclone, Rick has the hose. Dust Collection system Arduino sensor kit parts for the t shirt press forstner bits Sanding blocks (plural) new/more rulers squares power supply old mac with adobe software to work with laser (circa ~2002) better/newer video card for laser dell kreg jig --- Countersink drill bits More drill bits flushcut saw


Gulf Coast Code Camp - 9/30

Questcon: 10/20-22 convention center

10/13 Art Walk

Zombie Workshop 10/14 -

Mini-Maker Faire - 11/11

Drone racing event: 12/2 or 12/9

Next Meeting: 10/28 11AM

Meeting Closed 1:17PM