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  • Meeting Date: September 14th
  • time: 11:00 a.m. / closed: 12:07 p.m.
  • Meeting Location: 805 Church Street
  • Note: Some moving to be done starting at 1 p.m.; this was decided against due to not having insurance at new location. See below.

Meeting Opened at 11:00 by MJH (09/14/2019)


  • David Leard
  • Kat
  • Yancey
  • Josh
  • Karin
  • Richard
  • Matthew and Jamie
  • Rick


  • John Dalen

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting.

  • President - Rick
  • Signed the lease and handed over the checks for deposit and first months rent.
  • Attended another business social event with SWMCC. Handed out business cards.
  • Attended a business social event with Blue Fish. Handed out business cards and flyers. Working on getting is set up on business directory and interviewed on a podcast.
  • Interviewed with South Magazine for an article on the Makerspace. They came by during artwalk for a photo shoot. The article should be published in the November edition.
  • Worked on 3D printer for the library. Needs a new hot end.
  • Maintained and added new posts to Facebook, Meetup, and our web page.
  • Hosted Friday nights, including artwalk.*Artwalk (9/13): Signed up a family during artwalk.
  • Vice President - Josh
  • Got lights working on big CNC
  • bed leveling being planned
  • marketing on instagram; ollie worked w/ him.
  • Thursday night numbers: not so much

Secretary -

  • No one in position
  • MH taking this meeting minutes

*Treasurer - Not present; Brian sent via email the following fiancial report. This covers August and Sept. 2019

*Membership -

  • Wednesday night numbers: 1. Brian Carr stopped by due to lumberyard referral.
  • Membership Numbers report
  • August
  • Total headcount: 17
  • Associate: 6
  • Couples (defined as full plus spouse): 3 couple / 6 people
  • Full: 5
  • Question: Any word from Amy Bustin or the Levens couple ?
  • September (As 9/13)
  • Associate: 4
  • Couples (defined as full plus spouse): couple / people
  • Full: 4
  • Question: Lucius and Oliver paying 50. Thanks; key at new place?

Host and Volunteer reports

Marketing : Karen

  • Asked membership goal. 60 people is the goal

Old Business

New Business

  • New location status
  • Rick/Josh/Brian?
  • Q: Can we make the Oct. 1 deadline ? [MH]
  • A: Not discussed. I infer from below plan that it's do-able. [MH]
  • Logistics/Moving plan
  • Who: Everybody
  • When: Saturday, Sept. 28th
  • Start time: 7 a.m.
  • How: Everyone meet at old location. Then help move to new location
  • Moving vehicles:
  • John Dalen Truck and trailer.
  • Yancey: Can borrow truck?
  • Russell: trailblazer and 8 ft trailer.
  • Rick: SUV.
  • David Leard: His truck. He offered to pull the DBP trailer.
  • People: 9 people available to help
  • Rick will be at new location
  • Josh will be at old location
  • Other topics
  • dust collection discussed.
  • air compressor and piping. Rick will temp. donate his until a permanent is found
  • We do not have a floor plan yet as where stuff goes at new location.
  • Side topics:
  • U-Haul will donate a trailer for a non-profit.
  • DBP offered their trailer.
  • IF we do not insurance, we will not operate.
  • Q: financial situational
  • A: we are “dead in water” come January with current bank account.

Set up a go fund me for move[Josh, Brian and Karin]

  • Access to new space.
  • Short term: Keys. Josh, Rick and Brian.
  • Mid-term: Access control by Russell. Badging in or out. Keep a record of swipes. It needs to be fire code compliant. Russell he would need to cut into door frame.
  • Camera system
  • MOBILE MAKERSPACE will be closed from 20th until moved date.
  • Layout
  • Dirty shop/room is defined as the one with the paint booth
  • Clean shop/room is defined as the one without.
  • Decoration:
  • we can paint inside new location
  • Open house: concerns about having insurance. MAYBE 1st weekend in November

Item wishlist

  • Not discussed; moving is more pressing topic.


This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

*Insurance for new location. We need 2 million liability for new location. Milsap as an agency. Check with current insurance people. Deadline ASAP [RG]
*Paint spray booth information/maunal is missing.  Contact former occupants.[Josh and Kat]
*Home Depot – ask them for charitable donation. Need tax ID. Do this online [???]
*Lowe – ask them for charitable donation. Need tax ID. [??]
*Corporate contacts [Yancey, Kat]
*Harbor Freight? 
*Northern Tool
*Call Bucannen lumber -thank you for send Brian Carr over[MH]
*Set up a go fund me for mobile makerspace. [Josh, Brian and Karin]
*Note: they need materials documenting member accomplishments


*Next Meeting: OCT 5 at 11 a.m. 805 church street.
*Next Artwalk: Friday, Oct. 11 (confirm this is second friday)