Member meeting 8/26/2017

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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting & Officer Elections to be held 8/26/2017 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President -

Vice President -

Secretary -

Treasurer -

Marketing -

Membership -

Old Business

META Acceleration fiscal sponsorship update (Rick)

Shop inventory update (Josh) - Any further action needed? Josh will go through things that still need updated. Need to add new welding equipment.

Doorbell update (Dana) - Working, including the lights. Will add flashing lights and a switch to turn it on instead of plugging in the transformer.

Classes - Josh woodworking class. Rick - Thursday night Raspberry Pi and Arduino Theme night starting July 6th.

Amazon Smile status (Brian)

Payment dropbox (Brian)

Marketing and Class suggestion updates (Richard)

New Business

Officer Elections

Item wishlist

Need to clear some room for any more stuff. Workday on July 15th to clear space before we purchase any new tools.

  • New grinder - Rick will bring his in
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Bigger laser cutter - requires electrical upgrade
  • +Air assist tube for old laser cutter
  • Quiet spindle for ShapeOko - all agreed to chip in some money for this
  • Enclosure for Rostock - in progress
  • Oscilliscope - needs 2 chips
  • Blue painters tape
  • Nice set of wrenches and sockets/extensions
  • Tablesaw - looking at SawStop since the Bosch is in patent litigation - where to put it? $2000
  • Drillpress - Richard has one and will bring it down.
  • Lathe - Richard has one that needs some cleaning. He will bring it up.


August LODA ArtWalk - 9/8

Next meeting: TBD