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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting & Officer Elections to be held 8/26/2017 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Activity with Meta Acceleration came to a halt after resignation of Bill Shields. Went to the opening party of Meta and met some local business people, including David Trent with Airbus. Exploreum has interest in doing Makerspace events.

Vice President - Also went to the Meta Acceleration opening party. Shortened the woodworking table and building a storage rack for power hand tools. No word yet from electrician

Secretary - Continuing the Arduino & Raspberry Pi theme nights on Thursdays. Started teaching at ASMS Tuesday nights 6-7pm, and coming to the makerspace afterwards. Met with Russ Gilder with General Dynamics to begin the drone racing event for kids. Met with the Girl Scout leader Katie Hosemann, to discuss adding a few girl scout teams to the drone racing event - she also has contacts within the boy scouts and will try to get them involved. Met with Kiwanis Club to give a Makerspace presentation - discussed how the Makerspace got started and what it is about. Also told them about the drone racing event, and they will put out the word as well. They are working to get Bright Beginnings Acadamey and Mobile Christian School involved.

Treasurer - $540.72 July income. $559.05 month expense. Net income -$18.33. $ August income $533 expenses. Current balance $3189.81. $2056.08 operating balance.

Marketing -

Membership - 6 Associate/student members. 11 full members. 7 inactive members. Contacted Adrian Vaun, specialfx artist from USA, to give a workshop before Halloween. Richard mentioned Questcon which is Oct 21-22 - could join these two events. Wrote a tutorial on converting single color JPEG into a vector image for laser cutting.

Old Business

META Acceleration fiscal sponsorship update (Rick)

Shop inventory update (Josh) - Any further action needed? Josh will go through things that still need updated. Need to add new welding equipment.

Doorbell update (Dana) - Working, including the lights. Will add flashing lights and a switch to turn it on instead of plugging in the transformer.

Classes - Josh woodworking class - need to work on designing simple projects for classes. Rick - Thursday night Raspberry Pi and Arduino Theme night starting July 6th.

Amazon Smile status (Brian) - no update

Payment dropbox (Brian) - no update

Marketing and Class suggestion updates (Richard) - by October meeting should have a presentation ready.

New Business

Officer Elections

Item wishlist

Need to clear some room for any more stuff. Workday on July 15th to clear space before we purchase any new tools.

  • New grinder - Rick will bring his in
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Bigger laser cutter - requires electrical upgrade
  • +Air assist tube for old laser cutter - repaired
  • Quiet spindle for ShapeOko - all agreed to chip in some money for this
  • Oscilliscope - needs 2 chips
  • Clamps (Quick Grip or pipe clamps)
  • Power strips (high amp for power tools)
  • Active USB extenders (Rick)
  • Air filter for AC
  • More extension cords - make them look unique to separate from DBP
  • Filter for ShopVac - 90304
  • ShopVac Hose and Cylcone separator with bucket. Russell has the cyclone, Rick has the hose.
  • Dust Collection system
  • Arduino sensor kit

Richard mentioned an app called WonderList that can be used to schedule maintenance tasks that all users can have access to.


August LODA ArtWalk - 9/8

Drone racing demo: 9/10

Next meeting: 9/23

Questcon: 10/20-22 convention center

Gulf Coast Code Camp - 9/30

Drone racing event: 12/2