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  • DATE: AUG. 17
  • Scheduled Time: 1100 a.m
  • Location: 561 Saint Francis Street, Mobile, AL 36602
  • Meeting Opened at 11:05 by MH (8/17/19)



  • Rick Green: President
  • Josh Rhodes: Vice-President
  • Matthew Hinton : Membership / Acting Secretary
  • Brian Wright : Treasurer
  • Ray Lamb (new member) – tool donation.
  • Yancey (new member) – commercial photographer
  • Oliver (new member) - Minitare painting/development
  • Nick Nobles
  • Visitors:
  • Heather
  • John Dalen 11:20

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Rick Green

           LAST MONTH:
  • Hosted on Fridays, including Artwalk. Presented the Plaques I made on the laser cutter to our SoC dinner. As a result, we have a free table at the SoC Banquet next April.
  • Brought on Karin Bryson to be our volunteer social media marketing coordinator. Set her up on our Facebook account. Her and her husband will become members next month or so.
  • Started a membership drive that drew in several people on Artwalk. Posted messages, events, and ideas on Facebook and Meetup. Sent messages to all 631 people following us on Meetup, and 641 followers on Facebook. Also started sharing posts on LinkedIn. Posted several messages/photos to our Facebook page/group and replied to many people on Facebook.
  • Facebook stats from July 19 - August 15:
  • 942 Post Reach, up 582%
  • 611 Post Engagements, up 1500%
  • 16 New page likes, up 45%
  * LinkedIn post got 4 likes.
  * Updated the Web site and Wiki with information about the potential move. 
  * Attended a business luncheon at SWMCC to talk to local small business owners and the BoD. May attend their coffee social on Aug 20th.  Got some tickets for the Business expo Sept 24 3-6pm (we can get a table for this event - I picked up the forms).  
  * Met with John Dahlen and his new girlfriend to discuss a potential future space in West Mobile.  This is medium-long term.
  • Host Artwalk

Vice President -

  • Made Star Wars TIE fighters with laser etcher. When person picks them up, donation.
  • Working on promoting and instagram
  • Host on thursday
  • CNC maintenance and upgrades.

Secretary -

  • MH acting. He explain just taking minutes during these meetings
  • This position needs filled. See bylaws for qualifications
  • Duties described in Section 8 C of bylaws
  • One person may hold more than one office. Except no person may hold the office of President and Secretary concurrently.

Treasurer -

  • July (Final)
  • Gross income: $640.15
  • Gross expense: $736.87
  • Net income: $ - 96.72
  • Current Balance: $10,676.72
  • Operating expense – liabilities: $9,245.32
  • Note: August is not over. work


  • No elected officer acting in capacity
  • Karen volunteered to do some of the social media. She's a colleague's of Rick's.
  • Webmaster is a different volunteer
  • See Josh and Oliver's points below on Instagram.

Membership - Matthew H.

Host reports

  • Tuesday: kat not here.
  • Wednesday: quiet most nights; 2-3 people. Michael Wall stopped (visitor from Artwalk); checked out jointer. Possible member
  • Thursday: quiet. Lamb expressed interest in coming that night
  • Friday: busy. 6 last night. Figure 8-10

Old Business

  • New Location
  • discuss what will be needed to move forward see costs above
  • Short term goal: 20 memberships by AUG 19
  • Correction: 20 new members in addition to what we had. [RG pointed out]
  • mid to long term goal: 54 membership by ???
  • Planning a large membership drive.
  • How? See Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

New Location discussion

  • Government St. United Methodist (GSUM):
  • flooring is down
  • East end room is possible, but needs cleaned out.
  • it would be possible to move in ?
  • Church Council has to decide if available. John Dalen is on council. Conditional.
  • Lease terms: It would be are year to year
  • GSUM pro/cons listed here:
  • 805 Church street
  • Josh mentioned ways to decrease financial risk at 805 Church street. This by A/C. ADA bathroom is a legal requirement.
  • Can we Sub-lease in the Church street location to other people? (John Dalen)
  • A: It is an option. Sub-lease would be managed by landlord (Rick )
  • New locations is outside Artwalk zone.
  • Can we grow membership inside a timeframe (end of 2019)?
  • savings will hold us until end of DEC 2019; savings depleted (brian)
  • Member numbers
  • June 2019: 10
  • July 2019: 12
  • Aug 2019: 15
  • Current: We have had seven (7) new members join three months.
  • Landlord and son will join as members
  • Unknown how much will we grow over at 805 church street.
  • BoD decides new location based on member feedback. Risk falls onto the board. Bill *collectors come after the Makerspace.
  • Current location handicap: lack of space. Nick, Josh
  • Desire: building furniture
  • Welding explanation due to city codes.
  • Price increase
  • Rent and expenses at the new location is a Factor
  • 805 Church St: Massive increase in rent.
  • 55 members times $50/ month to afford it.
  • Based on 15 members, $183 / month
  • lease: 3 yr min. of 5 year lease. Penalties for breaking it.
  • GUSM Cheaper rent than what we pay now.
  • No to discuss price increase with members now. We need to have a discussion with associate members.
  • Marketing Ideas:
  • meet w/ Elsewhind orchestra. Place marketing material during concert [yancey, rick]
  • Articles in local newspapers (Laginappe, Mobile bay Monthly, Mid-town monthly?) [ray, brian Karin]
  • Artwalk demo. Nick demos turning a pen. We contact the M.A.C. ahead a time.
  • Oliver. Mentioned likes on social media. Delegate Instagram responsibilites : Josh and Oliver. hashtag usage. Brian, Karin
  • [Josh ] 200,000 people in Mobile. 1 in 3,000 for a member
  • Nick volunteer to man tables at events
  • Jamie will drop off business cards. Note: We went through a 1,000 business cards in a year (from 2018 to 2019).
  • Mid to long term location possibles:
  • eight mile location (jon dalen)
  • Described possibilities. Inventor friendly. Clean and Dirty shop.
  • Long term
  • USA research park
  • Alternative Funding Ideas
  • Host a lathe workshop
  • teach classes along how other members
  • box class taught by josh did yield a former member.
  • Mallet “class” taught by Leard
  • Topics for future meet below
  • These were not discussed. Copy/paste into next.
  • Officer duties
  • Officer elections
  • CRM Working group. Goal: "Install" a Customer Relation Management software.
  • step 1, meet and list requirements (Emergency Contact for a given member, payment details )
  • Other topics from Josh email from officer meet on AUG. 12.
  • OCT 1 deadline:
  • We need to be out of current location. Before then, decide on new location.
  • Viable options in time frame:
  • GSUM
  • 805 Church st.
  • Shut down Mobile Makerspace

Item wishlist


This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

*[BOD meet] Will decide on new locations
*Price increase potentially. Temp. price increase. Do a Survey monkey poll regarding price increase of members This based on 805 Church street property. [MH]. 
*Marketing related plan: create a google sheet listing all these ideas.  tag members with them. [MH start] 


  • Next Meeting September 14th
  • time: 10:30 a.m.
  • Meeting Location: Caffeine Core
  • Note: That place closing on Oct. 31
  • Meeting Closed at 12:50 p.m.