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Meeting Opened at 11:10 by MH (7/27/2019) Location: our existing location on St. Francis Street closed out: 12:40 p.m.


  • Lucius
  • Amy Phan
  • Rick Green
  • Brian Wright
  • Nick Noble (newish member)
  • Matthew Hinton
  • Jamie Hinton
  • Josh Rhodes
  • Amy and Casey Levens
  • Bull Steele
  • Kat Steele


Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President -

           LAST MONTH:

Hosting Fridays successful artwalks. July cancelled 12 people stopped by new members: Amy and Casey Levens joined from Mobicon Library work : 3d printer,


Kat covering 8/2 hosting new facility work

Vice President - new facility work Spark IoT boards. Requires an Internet connection. He got makerspace pkg. TIE fighters made for donation. From artwalk

Secretary - MH still as acting Editing wiki Plan out wiki upgrade with Brian sidebar discussion on makerspace website

Treasurer -

Marketing - No one in current position Intern: this may be possible ?

Membership - Reading over i3 makerspace wiki to learn how they do things Goal: self service options must have: RFID is a must, Paypal, email functionality, nice to have: google calendar integration Plan: introduce myself to i3 request a demo/test account on the wiki and CRM Alternately: set up own copy of CRM on an AWS instance test Reference: Link: Their CRM link CRM software (documentation and github) here: move this topic to a separate meeting side bard discussion

Host reports

  • Tuesday: Leven, Nick. Jen requested move progress report.
  • Wednesday: 2 - 3 members typically
  • Thursday: nothing
  • Friday: busy

Old Business

New location decision ? Board approved we need to move. Board decided to move to 805 Church street. Pencil company would have not been move in ready. Massive remodel cost. Monthly cost: $2600/month Currently 14 memberships Short term goal: 20 membership by AUG 19 GSUM. Is this doable ? Jointer purchase on hold until new location Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

  • New Location

discuss what will be needed to move forward see costs above Short term goal: 20 memberships by AUG 19 mid to long term goal: 54 membership by ??? corporate memberships getting commitments from current membership planning a large membership drive. How? Website : what we would like to do. List different capabilities.

  • Methods:
  • Lucius - if we do not meet goal, then GUSM. Will talk to math dept folks
  • Josh concern is with asking folks to sign before we have the space.
  • Brain: ask for a membership as a deposit towards new space. 2 months cushion. (ask to clarify )
  • Jamie : concerns about getting to 50 people Maintaining that folks.
  • Flyer hand out. Concerns [Amy L, “Bull” ]
  • Kat : anything/nothing planned. Laginappe calendar. Mobile Arts Council calendar. City of mobile calendar.

Nick N – reaching people. November pensacola makerfaire. GnG contacts. Bull introduction Rick – concern to maintain. Has contacted SW Alabama chamber of commerce. Review spreaheet for contacts/lists email sending to 200 people in address book [MH] Kiwanis visit Rotary club visit DAV/VFW visit Take a flyer to VA in Tillman’s corner. SCA visit [Levens] Landlord has chamber of commerce memebership Events GnG Marketing. [Nick] Russ Gilder drone New Location – RFID / alarm RG is set on integration Red Mountain. Uses physical key alarm system as a secondary access control. alarm system for fire and burglar. Good reasons for Monitoring fee and city permit fee. Possible: Amy and Casey Levens ?? New Location – associate membership guest associate membership

Item wishlist


This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

*Survey 200 people that contacted us as to interest and to know we are moving.[MH+???]
*send website webmaster contact info to MH [RG] 
*Survey 200 people that contacted us as to interest and to know we are moving.
*FB followup [RG, Amy L]
*website update.  This with the church street layout Example: [BW, RG]


Next Meeting: AUG. 17 (before deadline) WHAT TIME? 1100 a.m WHERE? Francis street