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Meeting took place at Mobile Makerspace 7/25/2015. In attendance was: Dana S., Rick G., Brian W., Rich S., Nathan M., Josh R., Russell M., Jennie M.

Officer Reports

  • Finance - Brian Wright gave finance report. $595 available after bills paid.
  • Membership - Rick Green gave membership report. 15 members at last count. Almost doubled # of members in last year.
  • Marketing & PR - Dana Spisak gave report. is growing and bringing in visitors to events.

Old Business


  • Security camera install - Rick is making progress on Tuesday nights.
  • Woodworking bench - Josh is making progress. Requested $60 for 2 sheets of plywood to wrap the bench. Approved and allocated.

New Business

  • Dennis donated and installed an air compressor in the building. He has offered to install an outlet in our room. Where do we want the outlet?

Decided we do not need an outlet in the room. We have an oilless compressor for the laser cutter. Any work needing compressed air should be done outside the room.

  • Minors - ASMS student asked about becoming a student member. ASMS is a boarding school. This would be an unaccompanied minor. What options do we have for minors with with and without a guardian?

Members must be at least 18 years of age. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Guests are not allowed to operated tools.

  • Officer Elections at the next member meeting 8/22 - email your intention to run and what position. You have until midnight 8/21 to get on the ballot.
  • Rich Salmon purchased filament for the 3D printer out of his pocket. This will offset his membership dues.
  • Rich suggests that we unplug the 3D printer before leaving. All hosts were in attendance and agreed it should be done.
  • Rich reminded Dana to cleanup the laser cutter bed after use with Windex.

Events & Classes

  • LoDa Artwalk Open House 8/14 6-9pm
  • Hacking Arduino 8/26 7-9pm

Next Member Meeting Saturday 8/22 10am