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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 6/4/2016 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Talked with Van Antwerp representative, she may come down to do an event with us soon. Attended Mobicon.

Vice President - Woodworking bench is back together (version 1.51b). New larger ShapeOko has been acquired. Working on the birthday event for June 25th (11am-3pm). Need workshops (more like 15-20 minute demos): Raspberry Pi workshop, Arduino, Laser Cutter workshop, 3D printer workshop, woodworking workshop, Shapeoko workshop. Entertainment - Water balloon cannon, arcade machine, camera jib. Half hour lunch break (pizza, drinks, and cake). Selling T-Shirts.

Secretary - Raspberry Pi workshop had 12 people last 2 months, Bought and built a Rostock Max v2 3D printer, will bring down for the birthday event.

Treasurer - Domain name payment coming up in July. 8 full member dues and 1 associate member dues has been collected so far. Total income $419.68, expenses $445.

Marketing - Dana will create a newsletter before the Makerspace anniversary. Saphia recommends someone go and introduce themselves to RSI. They have Tech Tuesday at lunch time.

Membership - A couple full members left (Jake and Nathan Miller). The USA grad students are gone. Saphia is leaving in July.

Old Business

Signage (Josh) - update. No update. We approved trading 2 month membership for a graphic artist to create the sign.

2nd Birthday June 25 (Josh and Saphia) already mentioned in Officer section.

MOBICON (Dana, Brian, Rachel, David) - observations. We had a free vendor table and gave out a lot of cards. David said the numbers were up from last year, and the board games were a success. Logistics were better this year. Membership can come from Game designers (custom pieces), awards, Costume fabrication and customization. Tools such as 3D printer, Laser Cutter, CNC are tools they could use. Brian Wright worked a few shifts, talked to a lot of people to come visit. Dana worked several shifts and used the time to tell people what a Makerspace is. Consensus is that Mobicon was a good place to be since there are so many things we have that they can use. Other vendors came by - Breakout Mobile, someone from Baldwin County that wanted to start a Makerspace.

Robin attended the meeting and mentioned ways to collaborate with other groups, such as the film community.

New Business

Robin Rolison visited from Round House, a startup space.

Artwalk coming up this Friday.

Birthday party June 25th.

Need more of our business cards made.

Next meeting June 18th 11am for the planning of the birthday party.

Donation from Bill Harbor - the big ShapeOko CNC (1 Meter) and other stuff.


  • ArtWalk 6/10
  • Birthday Party 6/25

Next meeting: June 18th 11am