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Meeting Opened at 11:00 by 6/29/2019 Location: Caffeine Core

  • Attendance:
  • Jamie
  • Josh
  • Kat
  • dogs: Golde, Tevye
  • Matthew
  • Rick
  • Visitors:
  • John Dahlen

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.


  • artwalk. Numerous visitors including school of alumni.
  • Mobicon
  • insurance changes completed
  • Met w/ city (Permitting inspectors) on dumas wesley / Randolph st. Sent discussion results to landlord and officers. This to ask about how to move forward
  • Met w/ others as to location alternatives.
  • Troubleshooting sparkcore for room light sensor
  • iron mask folder on shared. (used modulus to track button)

Vice President -

  • Randolph street visit and related work
  • made temp. blueprints for randolph street
  • particle io (formerly sparkcore) development boards w/ built-in WiFi.

Secretary -

  • Updating articles on wiki.
  • Answered: laser etcher plastic lid does have a UV filter.

Treasurer -

  • Not present. Needs the report ?
  • Gross income:
  • Gross expense:
  • Net income:
  • Current Balance:
  • Operating expense – liabilities:

Marketing -

  • Position vacant

Membership -

  • Membership numbers analysis. This based on payment.
  • 2015 average number of monthly members: 10
  • 2016 average number of monthly members: 9
  • 2017 average number of monthly members: 12
  • 2018 average number of monthly members: 12
  • observation: every two years we grow by two to three people
  • Nick Noble wants to be a key holder. Any objections. None.
  • Action: I’ll contact him to let him know. Co-ordinate to get keys. Will ask him to sign up for recurring membership
  • Future reference: These types of requests go here or into new business?
  • From last meeting:
  • Wrote these on 6/24:
  • Doug Wruck won't be renewing. This due to drive from W. Mobile and he bought his own CNC
  • No word from Todd Allen or Jared S.
  • No email for Robert Kerry
  • Mike Lambert said he'll be coming back

Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

  • New Location discussion
  • Last meeting it was decided that at this meeting, board will present new location decision.
  • See president remarks on Dumas Wesley
  • No answer. Hope to have one by July 4.
  • for our woodshop area, sprinkler system may be an issue no matter where we go. At Dumas this is a must have. Asked John about it.
  • Modified meeting format to get host reports ? Yes.
  • Those present voted Ok of Website re-design by Daryl Faulkner.
  • Discussed when Keyholders quit paying dues.
  • i3 has software for membership
  • red mountain has alarm system. They change “locks” when dues fall behind.

Item wishlist


This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

*Previous to-do's
*Meet w Chamber of commerce. It’s cost $ to be a member. $395 at least.[Rick]
*No progress. Sale of older jointers on [FJR]
  • Done. Rick is paying Chamber of Commerce membership for Mobile Makerspace


Next Meeting: JUL 27th, 2019 at 11 a.m. Caffeine Core.

Meeting Closed at noon:30