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Meeting Opened at 12:20 PM

  • Attendance:
  • Brian Wright [BW]
  • Matthew Hinton [MH]
  • Jamie Hinton [JH]
  • Josh Rhodes [JR]
  • Rick Green [RG]

Visitors: None

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President -

  • 3d printing workshop, mobicon, summer kickoff at library
  • Current: learned about possible space at research park. This is a long-term (over a year away)
  • He will meet w Chamber of commerce. Still on to-do list. It’s cost $ to be a member. $395 at least.
  • Interest in Arduino class
  • Tested rostock. It works.
  • Makerbot is good.

Vice President -

  • 3d printing worksho, library visit.

Future: will help at artwalk Chair troubleshooting

Secretary -

  • Acting: [MH]
  • 3d printing attendance, mobicon

future: plan: analyze member records based on payment. Hopefully I can look at that to get more data points for the graph. Are there bad months? Revisit the trend?

Treasurer [BW]-

  • Sent Membership historical records to analyze membership trends over time
  • financial report will be sent electronically
  • gross income MAY: 526.07
  • gross expense MAY: 715.70
  • net income MAY: -189.63
  • Current Balance: $10,467.82
  • operating expense – june liabilities: $9,800.37

Marketing -

  • No one in this position

Membership [MH] Last month: This month:

  • I vaguely recall the PI-day cancel. How did we miss tech day at library?
  • New location survey results (as of 5/31/18 9:30 PM):
  • Note: I did not take the survey as to avoid skewing the results.
  • 5 out of 7 wants dues to be same: Current (Associate Member: $35/month / Full Member $50/month)
  • Link:
  • Contact these members to see if they are still interested: Todd Allen, Robert Kerry, Mike Lambert, Jared S. and Doug Wruck
  • send rick draft revisit email

Old Business

  • David L. patched the one jointer to get it back working.

MH asks: Do we still proceed with buying a new one before move? Who’s in charge of disposing or selling old unwanted ones? A: Josh is concerned about selling old equipment. Jamie share this concern. A: Brian makes a point about funds. Selling it as “parts only”? A: Josh will handle the raislist sale as “parts-only”. Will work it out with hosts.

  • Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

  • New location discussion
  • Goal 1: discuss location options
  • Goal 2: set next meeting date before July 4. This to decide on new location at next meeting!
  • next meeting: June 29th
  • new location decision details.
  • [JR] Due to situation, if we could stay, then membership vote would make sense.
  • [RG] Board is going to decide on location. The location won’t be put to a vote for members.
  • [BW]: Agrees with both.
  • At next meeting, board will present new location decision.
  • Existing space dimensions reference:
  • clean room/electronics workbench: 10 ft. x 22 ft.
  • dirty shop/woodworking area: 16 ft x 22 ft
  • Current total sq. footage: 220 + 352 = 572 sq. feet
  • NOTE: We have to be out by OCT. 1 (or earlier)
  • Date we have to make a decision: July 4. This is self-imposed. However, to practically build out the new space.
  • Options for new location
  • These are not necessarily long-term locations. Long-term possibilities include the USA research park.
  • Discuss these bullets points below.
  • GSUM location
  • short term at best. Physical layout of future space is a concern. Upper room is awesome. Great everything except for woodworking.
  • Pencil Factory owned by Dumas Wesley on 122 Randolph st.
  • $5 s.f / year
  • MH liked physical security of this location
  • electrian requirement
*Plan: The three board members will tour the space.  Take pictures if possible.  Will inform MH of tour date.
*Open question: Which portion of the building?
  • Storefront has A/C
  • Warehouse has no A/C
*Open question: How much square footage can we afford?
  • MH risk versus reward in sq. fottage
  • RG : We can afford 1200 sq.ft based on current membership.
  • BW: we need six months current expenses in bank ($4300). project $810 a month in expenses (without AC) for 1200 sq. feet. Plan $150 for A/C?
  • JR+MH: What are expense estimates for 1500 sq. feet. ? Project $935 a month in expenses (without AC) for 1500 sq. feet. Plan $150 for A/C?
  • Consensus: We are fine with asking for 1500 sq. feet. This will “burn” through cushion in seven months. This for planning purposes.
  • RG and JR: 1500 sq. feet would support 50-60 members max. in theory
*Open question: Do we want to rent storage areas to members?
*Open question: Two bathrooms for building, How do we get access?
  • RG: get footage near bathrooms
  • Open question: Are Utilities and Trash on us ?
  • MH: partner with Ninja people on trash expense
  • RG: these would shared amongst tenants. We would be the first tenants
*Open Question: Can we possible get a month rent free to build out ?
*Open Question: Where do we park?  Can we park in the Dumas lot ?
  • Others (Government Street) ??
  • These are no longer options
  • Saraland location
  • Update: 202 Saraland Blvd S is no longer available. This as of 5/30/2018.
  • 721 Lakeside
  • last meeting: Don’t think we can afford this. MH will inform relator.
  • 760 St. Louis Street (Brian suggested us + DBP.)
  • [RG] This is not an option due to building condition.
  • Quoting from Jenn's email on 5/6: This building is not habitable in its current condition, hence the clause in the listing.

Item wishlist

  • Carried over from older meeting as a reminder
  • Tool concern: Delta Jointer broke. Craftsman jointer needs blades.
  • Motion: Sell both jointer for what we can. This to buy a replacement jointer.
  • Motion APPROVED not to exceed $600 plus whatever we get for the others.

Topics for next meeting

  • BW. Suggest a business plan to be written for mobile makerspace. Discussed by board.
  • MH : Use Survey monkey poll
  • A) internal use
  • b) external market reasearch. FB group (208), meetup (604), instagram (858)
  • RG: Membership drive plan. Add external marketing discussion.
  • Add these as agenda items for next time

To-do list

*Josh will handle jointer as discussed
*Next meeting location will be handled by Rick
*Next Meeting will be published to website by Brian
*Goal: mine Email account “” for contact email addresses over time. *Export to a list. This to send out a hey we are moving.
*Contacts for project: brian, matthew
*last meeting: Don’t think we can afford lakeside. MH will inform relator.


  • June 14 : Artwalk. School of Computing Alumni will be visiting.
  • NoM convention
  • Date: JUNE 16
  • Kat expressed interest. Needs someone to go with her.
  • Next Meeting: Saturday, JUNE 29. 11:00 a.m. for members Where: TBD
  • Meeting Closed at 2:50 p.m.