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Meeting Opened at 1:20 p.m.

  • Attendance:
  • Jamie Hinton [JH]
  • Josh Rhodes
  • Matthew Hinton [MH]
  • Mike Lambert
  • Rick Green

Visitors: None

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President -

  • Challenges hosting due to work commitments
  • Current: learned about possible space at research park.
  • He Will meet w Chamber of commerce
  • Tool concern: Delta Jointer broke. Craftsman jointer needs blades. See item list
  • Related that visitors from Pensacola. Couple’s name: Vicki and Mark.
  • Innovation Portal: $70 donation for startup weekend trophies

Vice President -

  • New location hunting
  • During Hosting: noticed 4-6 visitors
  • Did training of members of CNC

Secretary -

  • Matthew asked to be Acting secretary (put to vote this time)
  • 5 in favor; MH abstain

Treasurer -

Marketing -

  • No one in this position

Membership - [MH]

Updated survey results

  • Discussion on membership survey. Shared concern on why likely versus strong for renew question. Will ask around as to why people feel this way.
  • Shared about experiences finding a new location

Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

  • New location discussion
  • Existing space dimensions:
  • clean room/electronics workbench: 10 ft. x 22 ft.
  • dirty shop/woodworking area: 16 ft x 22 ft
  • NOTE: We have to be out by OCT. 1
  • Date we have to make a decision: July 4. This is self-imposed. However, to practically build out the new space.
  • GSUM location discussion revisit
  • We would be responsible for percentage of utilities.
  • Pro: They want us there. They will be willing to sponsor members. No rent during build out.
  • Cons: perceptions of being in a church.
  • Consensus after discussion: This is fallback. Go with it in July if nothing else. Plan to stay in church 1-2 years to grow makerspace membership. During which, we plan the next location.
  • See other pros/cons in previous minutes under "New Business"


  • 721 Lakeside:
  • Google shared folder with flyer and pictures:
  • Don’t think we can afford this. Ask Brian for budget.
  • 760 St. Louis Street (Brian suggested us + DBP.)
  • Alternatives
  • visit Jubilee Lumber (Mike, Rick)
  • Susan will ask her clients as to other location possibilities
  • Josh will email guy he mentioned
  • Paths forward
  • Susan mentioned Makerspace doing other streams of income. This to afford rent better.
  • Rick mentioned research park
  • MH will email Jenn to ask if she has seen this "760-St-Louis-St"
  • Done; quoting from Jenn's email on 5/6: This building is not habitable in its current condition, hence the clause in the listing.
*visit Jubilee Lumber (Mike, Rick)
*Susan will ask her clients as to other location possibilities 
*Josh will email guy he mentioned
*MH will survey members regarding due increase feasibility
*Plan Maker munchies in July.  
*Basement Layout plan church to be done by Rick

Item wishlist

  • Tool concern: Delta Jointer broke. Craftsman jointer needs blades.
  • Motion: Sell both jointer for what we can. This to buy a replacement jointer.
  • Motion APPROVED not to exceed $600 plus whatever we get for the others.


  • 3d printing workshop:
  • Date: Saturday, MAY 18th
  • Location: Ben May library
  • MOBICON 2019
  • Date: MAY 24TH - 26TH 2019
  • We will have a table there
  • Link:
  • JUNE
  • Next Meeting:
  • Saturday, June 1 at makerspace as of noon.
  • NoM convention
  • Date: JUNE 16
  • Meeting Closed at 3 p.m.