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Draft agenda below

Opening remarks

Meeting Opened at 11 by RG.

Attendance: Rick Green, Yancee, Kat, Russell, Richard Foreman, Ray Lamb, Sarat, Brian Wright.


  • Please give your name and a brief introduction. What do you like to make?

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President -
  • Laser etcher setup
  • Raspberry Pi Month - March. March 14th is Pi day, and on a Saturday. Definitely have a workshop on the 14th. Bring Pie for maker munchies.
  • Electrical work on the paint booth is complete.
  • Friday night numbers: 5

  • Vice President -
  • Kat
  • Figured out how to use the new laser. Excited the paint booth will be running soon
  • Tuesday night numbers: 2

  • Secretary -
  • MH
  • Need to learn more on the legal responsibilities
  • Updating wiki
  • Treasurer -
  • Summarize:
  • Gross income: $1827.44
  • Gross expense: $7106.66
  • Net income: -$5279.22
  • Current Balance: $15625.10
  • Operating expense – liabilities:
  • Financial report
  • link here:

  • Membership -
  • Wednesday night host: 2 members
  • MAR 3/31: 21
  • Historical
  • Numbers report for FEB 2020 (as of 2/29) 18 memberships(s) paid / 3 not paid
  • NOV 2019: 14
  • DEC 2019: 13
  • JAN 2020: 17 paid memberships

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
  • Monday: Jamie was not present
  • Thursday: Josh was not present
  • Rough attendance numbers
  • Marketing - Smith was not present

Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:

  • Electrical estimate and status.
  • As of MAR 2020: AL power would need to put in a transformer that supports this. They need a commitment in terms of equipment. Current estimate is around $1700. This assuming the three phase motor will work. Greg C. suggested installing a VFD. Electrician said no.
  • As of JAN 17 : The exhaust motor for the paint booth is 3-phase, and the panel is not currently wired for 3-phase. We do have 3-phase available, BUT the power company needs to come out and connect it before we can wire it up in our panel. The electrician should have a quote to us early next week. This is the work to run the 230v for the air compressor, install a disconnect and connect the 3-phase power to the paint booth, and install a GFCI outlet for the dust collector.
  • Thanks to Heartland Electric for looking into it.
  • Rick: Will ask electric scooter folks if they have a need for three phase.
  • Rick:install a 2 phase motor explosion proof into the paint booth.
  • Decision: Install a 2 phase motor or VFD instead with a disconnect.
  • Greg C, Rick and Yancey will present pro/con and cost next meeting?
  • BYLAWS. Did the B.O.D. address these two topics:
  • The street address is wrong.
  • Also, see the last page (page 12); I think they are expired?

New Business

  • Also start the 3D Printer SIG on third Saturday of next month
  • Arduino April - still on or postpone for next year?
  • beginning: pick a day to film Rick discussing beginning Arduino. show small CNC,.
  • intermediate: Matt does a demo of temp/humid arduino board.
  • advanced: Post a link to Greg's C electric vehicle charger. this at makerspace
  • May - MobiCon is CANCELLED for May 22-24. It will be rescheduled according to FB.
  • July - cookout for Saturday July 4th.
  • 3D printing accessibility group with Daryl and Matthew
  • SUGGESTION: Makerspace members read "project e-nable" website
  • Innovation PortAL Startup Weekend rescheduled
  • New location status
  • New laser has arrived
  • if you use it for a product you plan to resell, give a percentage back to the space
  • Anajet T-shirt printer status:
  • Evan still working on it. May be a power supply problem. Recommend pulling the power supply and checking all the MOSFETs.
  • RG: Talk to Evan review agreement for it's use. Users need to pay a fair amount over and above to print on t-shirt printer. Evan has to train people and be first priority. Written memo of understanding.
  • status: parts are sent off for repair.
  • Recommend a class on checking electronics components, and power supply repair in general.
  • Elections
  • Anything with this still needed to be discussed?
  • Nominations
  • Previous:
  • Rick Green nominates Kat for VP
  • Josh/Yancee nominate Rick Green as President
  • New
  • Nominations
  • President Rick Green. voted in.
  • VP: Kat Steel. One against; Voted in.
  • Secretary: Matthew Hinton (RG and Kat). MH membership role/postion be defined better. Voted in as secretary.
  • Treasurer: Brian W plans to step down as treasurer. No firm date. He's willing to continue as interim. Unanimous Vote.
  • Next officer meeting defined these two:
  • Membershp: MH sugested Yancey. Yancey has yet to agree.
  • Change Maketing to Marketing co-ordinater
  • Decision:
  • New Officers election
  • Bylaws will then reviewed

Item wishlist

Welding supplies and equipment from Lincoln Electric Ray Lamb may have a way to make the radial arm saw safe. Evan is bringing down an old Cameo vinyl cutter.


This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

*From MAR 2020 member meeting
*radial arm saw donation: Kat will call for money.  
*MH: ask in woodworking about desired parts.  Then MH will do ebay part out the radial arm saw.
*RG: cricket: donation drop-off.  RG will lead the effort to hack it.
*RG: link to glowforge ?


Next Meeting: May 2, 2020

Meeting Closed at what time: 11:47am.