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Location: Caffeine Core Time: 11 a.m.

Meeting Opened at 11:06 a.m by Rick

Attendance: Rick Josh Brian William Jamie Madison



Officer reports

  • What have you accomplished over the last month?
  • What are you going to do next ?
  • Are there any roadblocks/risks ?

President -

  • kept space open
  • 3d printer
  • made awards for startup weekend
  • maker munchies 2 weeks ago
  • new member

Vice President -

  • cub scouts: tools
  • cub scouts: tour

been doing instagram

Secretary -

  • Lost the dedicated person due to Richard moving
  • See New business below

Treasurer -

  • net losses in FEB/MAR. Due dues and insurance.
  • current balance: $10,885
  • operating:

Marketing -

  • Lost the dedicated person due to Richard moving
  • Kat is on FB ?
  • Josh is on instagram?
  • Matthew argues w/ people on Reddit. Maybe not this guy?

Membership -

  • concern about numbers
  • JAN 2019
  • Associate 11
  • Full 9

Old Business

Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

  • Full membership requests
  • Madison: fine to be full member
  • Todd Allen: fine to be full member

  • Member feedback Survey results
  • Link:
  • Only 6 response out of 13 sent. It may not be statistically valid.
  • Generally, we are on board with goals
  • Top 5 interests (Question 7 ) results:
  • 1) Woodworking
  • 2) Computers
  • 3) Car repair
  • 4) Electronics
  • 5) Arduino / Rasberry Pi

Note: 2+3 and 4+5 were less than a point apart in scoring.

  • Secretary
  • Acting ? MH taking the role. Suggests we need to vote on a permanent secretary soon.
  • nominations and voting
  • Bylaws can be found here:
  • Problem: Secretary has to review bylaws by 2/20/2019 (Section 3A)
  • Duties described in Section 8 C of bylaws
  • One person may hold more than one office, except no person may hold the office of President and

Secretary concurrently.

  • Discuss possible new location at meeting
  • Pros/Cons
   • Discussion:
   • Reviewed Pros/Cons of GSUM (Government St. United Methodist). Original list done by Matthew and Josh


   • Same amount of rent ($400)
   • Double floorspace 
   • location
   • visibility
   • garden additional interest
   • once certified, you can use the kitchen
   • Has windows
   • possibility of more space later on
   • possibility of classroom/meeting room
   • Blank slate; under construction
   • Landlord wants us there No rent during buildout
   • No rent during buildout


   • large woodworking (Plywood sheet) cutting would not be possible indoors
   • Big project not possible
   • Difficulty of moving material and projects in and out of basement
   • Sewage pipes running through basement
   • mechanical equipment in basement (What can go? What can stay?)
   • Columns in basement hinder woodworking
   • security (once a person inside the building, you have access)
   • split between upstairs room and downstairs basement
   • being closed during Mardi Gras (per agreement)
   • Due to noise level, could not be there Wensday and Sunday.


   • Noise levels are a concern.  
   • Available: Wednesday, Saturday (10-12) and Sunday (10-12) noisy equipment restrictions. 
   • Monthly special events on Friday
   • Requirements: we are responsible for preparations.  
   • Insurance are on us.
   • GUSM made suggestions to help get makerspace out there
   • Add to pro. 
   • 24x16 room upstairs in GUSM
   • basement

Action item: Noise test needs to be done w/ GUSM. John (GUSM) take ownership. -air compressor, chop saw in basement

Item wishlist

set aside as we need to move


  • April:
  • Arduino workshop at makerspace or Caff. Core ? No.
  • May:
  • 3d printing workshop on Saturday may 18th
  • Mobicon May 24-26 (

Next Meeting:

  • Day: May 4
  • time: 1100

Rick check on at Shelby Hall ?

Meeting Closed at 12:30