Member meeting 4/29/2017

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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 4/29/2017 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Since 501c3 came through, set up a meeting Wednesday with Todd Greer (Exchange 202 and CoC) and others to help us fund raise. Went to startup weekend - recommend more people go and make contacts with other business people in the area.

Vice President - Created a Google spreadsheet for class ideas. Working on a welding class - we now have welding equipment.

Secretary - Went to Maker Faire in New Orleans. Looking forward to hosting on Thursday nights again. Will be available again after Artwalk. Also consider having an open night for non-members that will be on Thursday night hosting night.

Treasurer - Ending balance $2800.40 in April. $545.11 income. $457 in expenses.

Marketing - Need everyone to post more photos and posts to social media. Alabama News Center post really helped. Josh and the NinjaFlex post also helped. Post to Facebook or Slack channel.

Membership - 8 Full members, 6 associate members (2 behind on dues).

3 members and 2 visitors were present.

Old Business

501c3 status update - we received determination letter. Woohoo! Need to advertise this!

Shop inventory update (Josh) - Dana updated items he owns or knows the owner. Encourage others to contribute. Items list is on the shared google drive.

Doorbell update (Dana) - Dana broke replacement plate and will be making another replacement :(.

Keys - still waiting on replacements from Jeff. He misplaced them.

Lock and spare keys added. (Dana) - Done

Monthly open make night (Dana) - no action has been taken.

Change full member policy (Dana) - policy notes on March minutes. No action has been taken. Vote taken and passed. 1 no vote - Josh.

New Business

Help with Mobicon - May 26 - 28. Mathew will attend and run a table. Looking for volunteers. It may cost to have a table - they are looking into it.

Item wishlist. Bigger laser cutter Blue painters tape Nice set of wrenches and sockets/extensions Quiet spindle for ShapeOko Enclosure for Rostock


May LODA ArtWalk - 5/12

Next meeting: May 20, 2017 11am - 12pm