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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 4/23/2016 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Attended Engaging Next Generation 2 weeks ago. Networked with other non-profits and volunteers, got contact names, raised awareness of the Makerspace. Went to Makerfaire in New Orleans. Keeping up with Membership and marketing, need help with marketing strategy.

Vice President - Attended Engaging Next Generation and Maker Faire in New Orleans. Worked with John on designing the sign for the building. Installed vacuum system in the woodworking table. Fixed the yellow circuit! Getting another ShapeOKO 2 donated soon!

Secretary - Sign in book for members. Getting a new 3D printer kit ordered and planning on a summer workshop to build it.

Treasurer - 9 Full payments, 4 community payments. NET income for April $133.54. Current balance: $1868.24.

Marketing - In president's notes

Membership - In president's notes

Old Business

Signage (Josh and David) - In progress

Maker event (Josh) - Prime day, but tie it in with an Open House/Birthday party. Open a tent with some projects. Josh is taking the lead to organize it.

2nd Birthday - June, needs a date and someone to take lead.

Engaging Next Generation(Dana) - follow up

New Business

Hosting AIGA workshops (Lindsay Sherrin - event director). Looking for a place to host workshops (Lectures and workshops). They have a meeting Saturday May 7th 9am at Whole Foods community room.

NOLA Mini Maker Faire - how was it? What did you learn? Reaching Fusion360 workshops were great. Meridian MS MakerFaire May 21-22nd

Mission & Growth - classes, programs, diversity People coming in from Artwalk have expressed intimidation with what we do. Need to consider how we present and lower the barrier to entry to visitors. During visits, talk less about technology, more about crafts. Perhaps send surveys about what they are interested in after seeing the space. Artwalk coming up May 13th. Dana plans to show block printing.


  • ArtWalk 5/13

May 21st Maker Faire Meridian MS.

Next meeting 5/28 11am - 12pm at the Makerspace. This is also the day of Mobicon - there was discussion on how we can get involved with this.