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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened at 11:05 by MH (03/07/2020)

Attendance: 11


  • Please give your name and a brief introduction. What do you like to make?
  • Sarat Srini : woodworking interest.
  • Richard Forman: started making cigar box guitars.

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President -
  • Laser etcher work
  • Friday night numbers: pretty busy. ex: 4 visitors plus 5 members last night

  • Vice President -
  • Josh not here
  • Thursday night numbers:

  • Secretary -
  • nobody

  • Treasurer -
  • Summarize: We are in the black. This is due to two large donations.
  • Gross income:
  • Gross expense:
  • Net income:
  • Current Balance:
  • Operating expense – liabilities:
  • Financial report
  • link here: Makerspace_Accounting_Breakdown_2020-03-07.pdf

  • Membership -
  • Wednesday night host: 1-3 members
  • Numbers report for FEB 2020 (as of 2/29)
  • 18 memberships(s) paid / 3 not paid
  • Historical
  • NOV 2019: 14
  • DEC 2019: 13
  • JAN 2020: 17 paid memberships

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
  • Monday: quiet; very rare.
  • suggest: have theme nights this night
  • Tuesday:
  • one new: Steve M. joined. Machinist apprentice?
  • Wednesday:
  • Check that soldering iron is OFF when you leave.
  • Rough attendence numbers
  • Marketing -
  • Karin:has been posting to FB.
  • Rick:
  • Kat Suggestion: If/When t-shirt machine working, print on it for roller derby mashup shirts

Old Business

  • Electrical estimate and status. As of MAR 2020: AL power would need to put in a transformer that supports this. They need a commitment in terms of equipment. Current estimate is around $1700. This assuming the three phase motor will work. Greg C. suggested installing a VFD. Electrician said no. As of JAN 17 : The exhaust motor for the paint booth is 3-phase, and the panel is not currently wired for 3-phase. We do have 3-phase available, BUT the power company needs to come out and connect it before we can wire it up in our panel. The electrician should have a quote to us early next week. This is the work to run the 230v for the air compressor, install a disconnect and connect the 3-phase power to the paint booth, and install a GFCI outlet for the dust collector.
  • Thanks to Heartland Electric for looking into it.
  • Rick: Will ask electric scooter folks if they have a need for three phase.
  • Rick:install a 2 phase motor explosion proof into the paint booth.
  • Decision: Install a 2 phase motor or VFD instead with a disconnect.
  • Greg C, Rick and Yancey will present pro/con and cost next meeting?
  • Metal shop suggestions
  • Lathe: but no room for lathe. safety concern
  • Plasma cutter is better than a welder. This is on a 9x9 table.
  • Welder. cheaper
  • BYLAWS. Did the B.O.D. address these two topics:
  • The street address is wrong.
  • Also, see the last page (page 12); I think they are expired?
  • Reminder to add this to March agenda: Officer Elections need to be scheduled. Everyone think about positions.

  • Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

  • Future Events planning
  • Please see and update this document here. Link:
  • Next Meeting: WHEN? WHAT TIME? WHERE?
  • Raspberry Pi Month - March. March 14th is Pi day, and on a Saturday. Definitely have a workshop on the 14th. Bring Pie for maker munchies.
  • Also start the 3D Printer SIG on third Saturday of next month
  • RG will host an event at the Makerspace. Lots of Rasberry Pi demo's. Bring your pie. Next Saturday at 11 a.m. for a few hours.
  • Kat will msg neighbbors
  • Arduino April
  • beginning: pick a saturday to teach people the very fundamentals arduino. show small CNC,.
  • intermediate: demo of temp/humid board.
  • advanced: demo electric vehicle. this at makerspace
  • May - MobiCon May 22-24
  • July - cookout for Saturday July 4th.
  • 3D printing accessibility group with Daryl and Matthew
  • SUGGESTION: Makerspace members read "project e-nable" website
  • Innovation PortAL Startup Weekend April 3 - 5. They asked for a donation of 1 month membership for 1st place winner. Also, we will make the awards as we have in the past.
  • Who, specifically, is going to make the awards? [MH]
  • RG will use one at his work.
  • New location status
  • water leak
  • side wall will fix itself
  • MH: sandbags on back wall
  • suggest: HD rents ladders. Also BlueRents. this to find roof leaks.
  • laser etcher tube issue:
  • Kat: Boss laser in Jax, FLA. She will contact Boss laser about helping a non-profit.
  • RG will cal Rich (owner). He does not recommend repairing exsisiting
  • RG: Glowforge for $3000 NEW. It has some advantages over exsisitng. Meets the needs. Con: needs an internet connection all the time.
  • MH: Temp. laser etcher to help kickstarter to the one we want.
  • MH to-do: contact epilog? Ebay/ CL
  • Yancey: Epilog and Trotec.
  • Anajet T-shirt printer status:
  • Evan shipped off boards.
  • RG: Talk to Evan review agreement for it's use. Users need to pay a fair amount over and above to print on t-shirt printer. Evan has to train people and be first priority. Written memo of understanding.
  • status: parts are sent off for repair.
  • radial arm saw: Kat will call money. part out the radial arm saw.
  • MH: ask in woodworking about desired parts. Then MH will do ebay.
  • cricket: drop-off. RG will lead the effort to hack it.
  • Elections ???
  • Nominations
  • Previous:
  • Rick Green nominates Kat for VP
  • Josh/Yancee nominate Rick Green as President
  • New
  • Nominations
  • President Rick Green. voted in.
  • VP: Kat Steel. One against; Voted in.
  • Secretary: Matthew Hinton (RG and Kat). MH membership role/postion be defined better. Voted in as secretary.
  • Treasurer: Brian W plans to step down as treasurer. No firm date. He's willing to continue as interim. Unanimous Vote.
  • Next officer meeting defined these two:
  • Membershp: MH sugested Yancey. Yancey has yet to agree.
  • Change Maketing to Marketing co-ordinater
  • Decision:
  • New Officers election
  • Bylaws will then reviewed

Item wishlist


This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

*Item 1


Next Meeting:

  • Sat, April 4th at 11 a.m.

Meeting Closed at what time 12:55 p.m.