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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 3/18/2017 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Absent

Vice President - Pi Day event last Saturday - Approximately 20-30 visitors attended. Built a Raspberry Pi to work the ShapeOko. Built a shelf for the clamps.

Secretary - Attended Pi Day event with all my Raspberry Pi's. Helped with Artwalk event.

Treasurer - We are now a 501c3. 7 full membership, 1 community membership dues paid. $373.18 income in dues. Expenses $457. Balance for the month is $2343.47. Operating balance $1886.47.

Marketing - Absent

Membership - Absent, but did add notes. 10 full members, 4 associate members but 1 has not paid his outstanding dues.

Old Business

501c3 status update - we received determination letter. Woohoo! Need to advertise this!

Shop inventory update (Josh) - Dana updated items he owns or knows the owner. Encourage others to contribute. Items list is on the shared google drive.

Doorbell update (Dana) - Dana broke replacement plate and will be making another replacement :(.

Keys - still waiting on replacements from Jeff. He misplaced them.

New Business

Pi Day Results - attendance estimate - 20 - 30 visitors. How did it go? How would you have improved it? More and better advertising would be good. Getting better Internet access.

Dana request change Full Member(key holder) policy to require a PayPal subscription for new keyholders. Existing keyholders will be moved to the new policy if they are XX days late paying dues. Brian suggests an initial subscription of 3 months (or pay 3 consecutive payments of any type without being late), then have the option of using another payment method. This may help for those that use cash instead of PayPal.

Dana Suggest a monthly open make night for a weeknight during the month. Encourage members and visitors to come out. Suggest NOT doing it on Tuesday. Would work best if several members came. Everyone agrees this is a good idea.

Dana Suggest getting a changeable combination lock to use on a locker for storing emergency keys. Put a backup makerspace door key in case you lock yourself out of the room or DBP needs access. This is agreeable by those in attendance.

Item wishlist. Bigger laser cutter Blue painters tape Nice set of wrenches and sockets/extensions Quiet spindle for ShapeOko Enclosure for Rostock


April LODA ArtWalk - 4/14

Startup Weekend 3/31-4/2

NOLA Maker Faire - 4/22

Next meeting: April 29th 11am at the Makerspace

Speed Networking - during the week at USA. Contact

Start a Slack channel on our yearly open house event. Hope to schedule this before it gets too hot. Maybe April or May.

No date set yet for the drone racing competition. Possibly at the end of school summer vacation.