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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened at 11:10am by Rick Green (2/8/2020)


  • Rick Green, Greg Christianson, Yansee, Brian Wright, Rick Baskin
  • Matthew Hinton [MH]: I won't be at this meeting due to a prior commitment. Membership numbers below.


  • Please give your name and a brief introduction. What do you like to make?

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President -
  • We participated with LibCon with Greg, Yancee, Josh, Kat, Ollie, Matthew, Daryl, and Laura. Made several calls to Alabama Power to schedule the hookup of our 3-phase. Left several messages - no responses. Worked on the Pursa - ordered a new hot-end. Ordered cleaning solution and ink for the silk screen machine. Talked with Landlord about signage - we can discuss. Talked with Evan Riddle about membership and taking possession of a t-shirt printer.
  • Friday night numbers: High is up to 10, but last night 2/7 was just myself due to Mardi Gras parades.

  • Vice President -
  • Made the cost estimates for the air plumbing and the dust collection system.
  • Fixed the lockers
  • Thursday night numbers: Averaging 2 - 3.

  • Secretary -
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  • Treasurer -
  • Gross income: 2454.00
  • Gross expense: 2439.94
  • Net income: 14.06
  • Current Balance: 21250.80
  • Operating expense – liabilities: 2482.04
  • Financial report
  • link here:

  • Membership [MH]
  • Month : # People that paid dues (associate, full, spouse)
  • NOV 2019: 14
  • DEC 2019: 13
  • JAN 2020: (19) but as of today 22 are paid
  • If you have not paid for January, please do so today!

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
  • Kat:
  • I listed water issue below. [MH]
  • Rough attendence numbers
  • Marketing -
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Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:

  • Electrical estimate and status. As of JAN 17 : The motor for the paint booth is 3-phase, and the panel is not currently wired for 3-phase. We do have 3-phase available, but the power company needs to come out and connect it before we can wire it up in our panel. The electrician should have a quote to us early next week. This is the work to run the 230v for the air compressor, install a disconnect and connect the 3-phase power to the paint booth, and install a GFCI outlet for the dust collector.
  • Bylaws. Did the B.O.D. address these two topics:
  • The address is wrong.
  • Also, see the last page (page 12); I think they are expired?
  • Reminder to add this to March agenda: Officer Elections need to be scheduled. Everyone think about positions.

New Business

  • Future Events planning
  • Please see and update the "2020 schedule" document here. What are we doing for the rest of this month and next month?
  • Link:
  • Raspberry Pi Month - March. March 14th is Pi day, and on a Saturday. Definitely have a workshop on the 14th. Bring Pie for maker munchies. Also start the 3D Printer SIG.
  • Arduino April - workshops
  • May - MobiCon May 22-24
  • July - cookout for Saturday July 4th.
  • 3D printing accessibility group with Daryl and Matthew
  • Innovation PortAL Startup Weekend April 3 - 5. They asked for a donation of 1 month membership for 1st place winner. Also, we will make the awards as we have in the past.
  • Who, specifically, is going to make the awards? [MH]
  • Location specific status
  • Neighbors have asked us NOT to park inside the fenced area FEB 15. This to get their parade float in/out easier.
  • WATER coming into building. See pic from Yancey uploaded into officer channel [MH]
  • How do we plan to address ? [MH] Talking with Landlord about drainage issues that affect the entire building. Perhaps use Drylok for the walls and acrylic caulk for the roof.
  • Other Topics
  • Next Meeting: 3/7/2020 11am at the Makerspace?

Item wishlist


  • Nominations

Rick Green nominates Kat for VP Josh and Yancee nominate Rick Green as President

This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

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Meeting Closed at what time ?