Member meeting 2/27/2016

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Proposed agenda for General Member Meetings to be held 2/27/2016 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Suggests a birthday open house for our 2 years as a Makerspace. Now using Seltzer CRM on a Raspi to manage membership.

Vice President - Idea for a day long program (educational open house) for any age. Have 30 minute breakout sessions on several topics. Called Prime Day. Dana suggests developing and creating training material that can be reused. Scale down some of our existing training materials. Progress has been made on the woodworking bench, and a new band saw was donated by David Leard.

Secretary - Raspberry Pi workshop had 6 people.

Treasurer - Treasury report for last 2 months: January dues income was $553.36 for 12 members. Expenses were Rent + Internet @ $445.00. Total income $108.36. Total in savings + PayPal is $1015.99. February dues income was $528.77 for 12 members. Expenses were Rent + Internet @ $445.00 Total income $81.82. Total in savings + PayPal is $1204.17

Marketing - Dana has been sending out info to everything except the email list. Need to add some classes.

Membership - Membership total for Membership is 18 paid members. Added 1 associate, 3 student members

Old Business

Visitor book(Rick) - Need to pick back up on this. Idea is to keep people interested and gauge activity and interest of members and visitors.

Signage(needs someone responsible) - Josh and David

  • direct people from St Francis to entrance on Warren
  • lit sign for entry within the fenced yard
  • Info on the web site, social media, hours of operation, etc.

Maker event (Josh) - Prime day, but tie it in with an Open House/Birthday party.

Teen Tech Event March 12 11-2 at Ben May Main Library (Rick)

Seltzer CRM (Dana)

New Business


  • ArtWalk 3/11
  • Pi Day/Tech Tech Event 3/12 11-2 Ben May Main Library

Next meeting 3/26 11am - 12pm at the Makerspace

April 9th New Orleans Mini Maker Faire.

May 21st Maker Faire Meridian MS.