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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened at hh:mm by Rick Green (2/20/2021) 11am. Remote meeting via Jitsi

Member Attendance: Rick, Barbara, Ethel, Brian Freis, Stewart Online: Kat, Daryl, Matthew, Ray


Meeting adjourned: 11:46am

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President -
    • Friday night hosting.
    • Friday night numbers: between 3 and 5.
  • Vice President -
    • Hosting Tuesday nights.
    • Tuesday night numbers: between 1 and 2
    • Planning a CNC and laser workshop
  • Secretary - NA
    • test text
  • Treasurer -
    • January 2021 Income: $2,098.85
    • January 2021 Expenses: $2,597.94
    • GoFundMe account: $1100.00
    • Operating Balance as of 2/18/2021: $5,697.83
  • Membership - NA
    • Numbers report
    • Members (total, including spouse member): 37
  • Marketing - NA
    • test text
    • test text

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
    • Any issues?
      • Stewart member comes by on Wednesday night. Matthew vouched for him.
      • No issues from Ray on Thursday nights. 1 - 2 members on Thursday night.
    • Rough attendance numbers

Old Business

  • Movie night - projector and surround system is hooked up. Need some Bluray discs for movies, and a schedule.
  • Funding ideas - We brought in $719.46 in Christmas ornament sales in December. So far, the Mardi Gras ornaments have brought in $278.82.
  • Still working on equipment inventory details. Brian has what he needs from Ray's efforts on the spreadsheet.
  • Previous meeting minutes here Member_meeting_1/9/2021
  • Consideration for an advisory board for the Makerspace. Spoke to Matt Anderson about this. He is interested and is talking to others. Have not heard back from him yet.
  • Ray Lamb agreed to be an official host for Thursday nights 7 - 9pm
  • February Artwalk was rained out.

New Business

  • Future Events planning
    • Please see and update this document here. Link (Covid ruined the schedule):
    • Next Artwalk is March 12
    • Planning another Open House event on Saturday March 6th. Need to clean the Makerspace in preparation.
    • Pi day - March 14th is on a Sunday. Planning a Pi day event for Saturday March 13th.
    • Rick is giving a microcontroller workshop/presentation for middle school teachers March 18th at Gulf Regional Early Childhood Development Center.
    • Planning the first 3D Printing special interest group meeting on Saturday March 20th.
    • Barbara suggested having a monthly 2nd Saturday after Artwalk to open for tours.
    • Need some lighting in the front area. Kat mentioned solar ones we can look at. We will chat on Slack about the details. Also talked about a camera system.
  • New members to be voted in
  • Jim Spell - Ray vouched for him. No objections to having him join as a full member.
  • Stewart - Matthew vouched for him. No objections to having him join as full member, and he volunteered to host for Monday 6 - 9pm until June when he graduates.


  • New equipment this month
    • Embroidery machine.
    • Outside trashcan
  • Equipment wish list
    • Welding equipment - Bruce has a Lincoln welder and will bring it in. Ray Lamb also has a welder he can bring in.
      • Rick Baskin was going to contact Lincoln Electric.
    • Foundry (Casting liquid metal) (Kat/Westley)
      • Westley to bring in a Big Green Egg. Need some help getting it to the space. No gas burner - coal only.
    • Forge (knife making, aluminum casting) (Kat/Westley)
    • Ceramics/pottery - Westley is very interested.
      • Need tongs, hammers, safety equipment (gloves, face shields) Westley has a crucible, firebrick, blower/ductwork, fuel(charcoal), consumables
      • Kat will be in charge of safety and training of all metal working equipment
    • Plumbing for air compressor (Rick Baskin)
    • Sand-blasting cabinet (Rick Baskin)
    • Ductwork for downdraft sanding table - May be able to repurpose the one from the recalled sliding radial arm saw?
    • 3D Scanner. Possibly using the Kinect.
  • In need of service/repair/parts
    • Old MakerBot printer. The stepper cables between the motherboard and the extruders need replacing (at minimum).
    • Wacom screen has died. Appears to be the backlight. Looking into a repair.
    • ShopSmith is under maintenance - Ray Lamb is working on it.

Project status

  • Completed
  • In progress
    • Downdraft sanding tables being built by Westley Green
  • Project Ideas
    • Lego table
    • Small airbrush station in clean room (using existing exhaust duct and blower)
    • Growroom -
      • Potentially talk with HOA's about this in a common space in neighborhoods/apartments.
      • Community garden on Dauphin street.
    • Floating table/planter (tensegrity table) can be made from scrap wood(
    • 3D printed lithophanes from photographs. Rick has test printed one on the Z18.
    • More Izzy Swan tables - Rick and Westley to consider building a new demo model, perhaps using it as a woodworking workshop.
    • Magic Mirror (
    • Laser cut boxes for Valentine day, Easter (customized).
    • Cardstock available for laser cards.
    • Omni-directional windmills for power generations.
    • Heads-up display for cars
    • Door jammer - Barbara
  • Workshop planning and ideas
    • Plan to resume Arduino workshops - March is Microcontroller month. April Arduino?
    • Kat Laser and CNC workshops being planned after Covid settles down.
    • Simple woodwork shops. Bruce and Westley can give these woodworking shops. David is about ready to come back.
      • Simple boxes, bee hives, bird houses, camera cammo
  • Next Meeting: 3/20/2021 11am