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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 12/17/2016 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Sat in on conversations and calls with Nation of Makers to discuss Oakland Ghost Ship fire.

Vice President - Needs help with the new Laptop images to get the Makerware to work.

Secretary - Research on SawStop table saws. Russell mentioned the Bosch version. This is about $1500 and it is only portable. Working on inventory system to put all tools on the Wiki.

Treasurer - Ending for November 6 full dues, 2 community, 2 cash community. $468.86 income for the month. Expenses of 480.32. Net -$11.46. Ending balance $2429.21. Debit card situation is taken care of and Dana has been paid. $762 in expenses expected for the Month of December.

Marketing - Dana has answered several emails and questions from Meetup.

Membership -17 current members, no new members this month. Took pictures of all of the waivers to file electronically.

Old Business

501c3 status update - Rick will schedule a meeting with John Patterson (accountant) - Talk in January. Will fill out the online forms after the meeting in January.

Member onboarding (Rachel) - Russell still has not replied with his areas of expertise. Should try to put forms on the web site.

Duties and Responsibilities(Dana) - everyone needs to followup on this email. Need documentation and procedures for officer positions.

Shop changes

New Business

Russ Gilder - looking for partners(?) for a drone build and race program with 6-8th graders. Works for General Dynamics. Discussed a partnership to create a drone build and race for kids, where the kids need to design the frame themselves and assemble the drone. Have prizes for design, etc. Looking at Spring/Summer 2017 for the event. Check out for the QX-70 drone.

Entry to the space. Potential safety issue with the gate being open. Suggestions are more lighting, a wired doorbell/beacon and/or intercom, permanent signage with instructions on entry. Jenn wants to keep the gate shut.

Shop Safety - need to remove the scrap and extra wood.

Material storage - can we have an outside structure to store the raw materials? Check with Jeff and Jenn.


January LODA Artwalk 1/13 -

Next meeting: Jan 28th 2017