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Agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 11/28 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Meeting started at 11am. Members present: Dana, Josh, Rick, Brian, Nathan. 2 Non-members were also present. Meeting adjourned 12pm.

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

Financials - Total gross $586 income this month, total $445. Current account balances: $876.08

Membership - 11 paying members.

Marketing - we had really good with WKRG and article, as well as the Mobile Press Register. Barnes & Noble turnout was good and we gained some members. Artwalk was good with the Christmas ornaments and the interview.

Old business

Barnes & Noble Maker Faire - Josh reports a good turnout. A lot of homeschooled kids were there. Policy of having kids as members was brought up - parents can be members and bring kids, but kids cannot be members or work on equipment due to the insurance. Discussion on modifying the waiver form for children to be signed by parents. Josh presented an idea on "Starting the year of Making" - an all day event in January that would have people go through and learn all of the tools. Goal is publicity and gaining members. Dana suggested a barcamp-like event. A suggestion was to start advertising now and start the planning.

Ornament sale - nearly a dozen sold so far, and several orders still pending.

Dana requested pictures be taken and posted online.

Equipment purchases

  • Estimate needed for drillbit set - Bruce said he would donate the drill bits.

New business

Montgomery's Foomatic break-in - laser cut some ornaments for sale during their pop-up Christmas shop 12/5, donate any power tools. Dana recommends taking inventory of our equipment just in case. Brian recommends taking pictures and videos.

New Orleans Mini-Maker Faire 4/6?/2016 - Who wants to set up a table? Application due by _______. Most feel like they just want to go instead of setting up a table.

Suggest work on "How do I become a member?" - an improvement on the web site, being developed by Dana.

ContactUs query - donating equipment in lieu of dues

Discuss Minors/Insurance/Policies/Waivers. We've gotten alot of questions (at makerfaire and on our email list) lately, to the tone of "Can I bring my teen/child in to learn" and right now our answer is "no". However, they can come if they are supervised by their parent and a waiver is signed. They cannot use any of the woodworking equipment.


  • Artwalk 12/11

Schedule next meeting, suggest 1/2 11am