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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 11/26/2016 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Working on getting Seltzer running on an Internal server at the Makerspace. Brian Wright will work to enter data, or get it to Dana so he can enter it on Wednesday evenings. Went to a meeting with Chamber of Commerce for Innovation Portal. Subject was a presentation on operating the fabrication shop and information finding from an outside company. Sat in a webinar for NSF grants. Eager grants and maker education grants are available - high risk/high gain.

Vice President - Started some Slack channels. Tuesday evenings have slowed down - could be seasonal. Matt recommends adding to the sign that people should come in through the gate when open.

Secretary - 2 new members signed up on Thursday nights. Raspberry Pi workshop at the library.

Treasurer - 9 full members, 3 associates, 2 student. Current balance $2271.85, still have outstanding payments.

Marketing -

Membership - 16 current members for November. 3 new members. 1 new member came to the meeting today with his family, and is seeking full membership.

Old Business

Laptop upgrades (Josh) - Laptops are finished.

B&N Maker Faire Report (David) - Went well, but have not had any new members from it.

501c3 status update - finding law and financial advisors (Rick and Russel) Rick will schedule a meeting with John Patterson (accountant) - Talk in January

Member onboarding (Rachel) - Russell still has not replied with his areas of expertise. Should try to put forms on the web site.

First Aid Kit & Hearing protection (David) - the kit is here, and David has plans to expand it. Needs to be mounted.

New Business

Ownership & Accountability (Dana) - Dana feels he has taken on a lot of responsibilities, and is looking to have others take some responsibilities and be accountable for it. Mostly to do with responding to emails. He recommends at least responding to emails even if there is no particular answer (acknowledge the email), but to let him know it is being thought of. Need better communication between officers. Duties and Responsibilities - everyone needs to followup on this email. Need documentation and procedures for officer positions.

Bylaws & User Manual/Guidebook/Rules

Shop changes

Glenn Lamerand and Gulf Coast Tinker Labs, Inc.

Dana hosted a 3D printing meetup brought in $45 using a pay-what-you-want approach - 4 people attended. Set up to run another one on Dec 7th. Sign up on Meetup.

Dana also planning Christmas Ornament workshops as well on Wednesday nights. Sign up on Meetup.

Dana brought up the idea of Gift Certificates for Christmas. Need to be clear that it is for ages 18+.

Guest brought up buy and sell in baldwin county.

Clint Moser again offered his building near Prichard to the Makerspace. It has been cleared out and the paperwork has finally be corrected. The general consensus is No based on location, but will open a Slack channel to discuss any possibilities.


December LODA Artwalk 12/9 -

Next meeting: 12/17/16