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Meeting Opened at 11:05 by MJH (10/5/2019)


  • Jamie
  • Rick
  • Richard
  • Scott Baders
  • Josh R
  • Yancey


Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting ?

  • President -
  • Vice President -

We've been moving!

  • Secretary -

No one in position

  • Treasurer -
  • via email on 10/20/2019
  • Our current operating budget, which is our current bottom line balance minus our expenses (currently Internet, Power and Rent) is: $2343.76
  • However that is based on the latest Internet bill of 64.20 received in email, which may not reflect the installation at the new location (split into multiple payments).
  • Link to report here:

*Membership -

  • Wednesday night numbers: 1. Brian Carr stopped by due to lumberyard referral.
  • Membership Numbers report
  • September (As 9/13)
  • Associate: 4
  • Couples (defined as full plus spouse): couple / people
  • Full: 4
  • Question: Lucius and Oliver paying 50. Thanks; key at new place?
  • August
  • Total headcount: 17
  • Associate: 6
  • Couples (defined as full plus spouse): 3 couple / 6 people
  • Full: 5
  • Question: Any word from Amy Bustin ?

Host and Volunteer reports

Marketing -

  • Karen (?)
  • test text
  • test text

Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

  • New location status
   • What’s needed for this space to be open?
   • Closet 
   • unpack boxes
   • Dirty room
   • Compressor
   • tools are somewhat accessible?
   • Doing work today to get them accessible.  Organization.
   • Bring workbench (2x4) [MH]
   • Entry Floor
   • toilet drain by door.  How to address?
   • Concrete patch over it; delay until RG discusses with landlord.
   • Clean room
   • Self-levelling concrete Friday (Oct. 11) by Matt and Jamie
   • vent for laser
   • Vent for 3d printers : Rick suggestion about dust filter would address this concern.
  • Floor plan layout
   • Discussion
   • Where to put compressor? There appears to be 220v near the compressor
   • J good with it
   • Yancey is good with layout.  Suggestion: note ares that need addressed for future date.  Frame cutter coming for dirty (3’ by 3’)
   • Rick – circle back
   • Richard: Material storage next to welding area concern.  How to address? Tin wall dividng this space.
   • “. finish prep area: what would g here: workbench
   • actual layout in clean room
   • scott: aside: making telescopes. 
   • Rick: floorplan not set in stone.  he’ll spend most of his time clean room.  Rick proposed him being shop manager of clean room. Voted on and approved.
   •  James Woods
   • intro: serves in USMC reserve. Jack of trades. Worked in different construction trades. Lives in Vancleave, MS.  Works for a general contractor.
   • MH
   • closet plan: long term plan. Is it storage for members, space only, both?
   • Nothing to be kept in paint booth.  Yancey 20x20 filters ~$200 piece getting donated
   • lathe / locker conflicts
   • build a wall of lockers between metal working and material storage area (6’10” line on flor pan)
   • material secured of vertical lumber: 10 feet.  Steel cable [MH / JR]
   • folding tables for classrom. 
   • Floor plan: remarks
   • NOV artwalk/open house?
   • Access to community garden with power. Host Yancey and Nick nobles
   • Artwalk after party at makerspace
   • Fri,Nov. 8 
  • Keyholding procedure
   • items: Russell keyless system has been ordered. We have 200 keyfobs.
   • Procedure: talk about who gets keyfob.
   • Current:
   • associate w/o key: $35/month:
   • Full w/ key: $50/month: 
   • New way:
   • $50/ month is OK with those present.
   • Board will decide cost for membership.
   • New Membership procedure will be determined. 
   • Yancey voted in per old verbal method.

Item wishlist


This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

*Board todo’s
*Board will decide cost for membership.
*New Membership procedure will be determined. 
*Elections TBD? 
*Josh be pro-term sec at board meet
* RG discusses with landlord.
*toilet drain near front door.  Can we pour concrete over to cover?  If not, then what?
*newly installed A/C has a water drip
*vent for laser etcher installation
*Previous To-do:
*DONE: Insurance for new location. We need 2 million liability for new location. Milsap as an agency. Check with current insurance people. Deadline ASAP [RG]
*Paint spray booth information/maunal is missing.  Contact former occupants.[Josh and Kat]
*Home Depot – ask them for charitable donation. Need tax ID. Do this online [???]
*Lowe – ask them for charitable donation. Need tax ID. [??]
*Corporate contacts [Yancey, Kat]
*Harbor Freight? 
*Northern Tool
*Call Bucannen lumber -thank you for send Brian Carr over[MH]
*Set up a go fund me for mobile makerspace. [Josh, Brian and Karin]
*Note: they need materials documenting member accomplishments


  • Next Meeting: Saturday, Nov 2 at 11 a.m.
  • Meeting Closed 12:34 p.m.
  • Note: due to personal reasons, MH was late in updating these meeting minutes.