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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 10/22/2016 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

Meeting started 11:05am. Adjourned at 1:17pm.

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.

President - Attended followup meeting with tech people from the Atlanta trip (Innovation Portal). This is the place in Mobile that is currently under construction. They discussed funding for a prototyping lab and a list of tools needed for this lab. Also discussed security, power requirements, ventilation, and utilities. This is a potential future place for Mobile Makerspace. Went to a Business 101 meeting at roundhouse to discuss business requirements for startups. Attended 2hr webinar for NSF funding, that are hosting programs for maker communities. Created some email templates. Maker contributor board is coming along well. Need more people to add their names to it.

Vice President - Still working on getting OS's upgraded on the laptops. Still working at the Ben May library Makerspace on Monday evenings 5-7pm. Can get a 3D scanner from the Library.

Secretary - Raspberry Pi workshops still going on every 3rd Saturday at the Library.

Treasurer - 8 Dues payments - $367.15 income. $447 expenses. -$79.85 for the month. Balance $2200. $1777 projected for the month, but we still have more dues. 13 paying members. Still have 5 dues expected by the end of the month.

Marketing -

Membership - Worked on Host expertise document so new members can see who to talk to about certain subjects. Russell has not yet given his host expertise list. All others have. Be sure to add your photo to the Meetup account.

Old Business

Need more of our business cards made (Dana) - Dana had 500 cards made.

Laptop upgrades (Josh)

B&N Maker Faire 11/5-6 11am - 6pm Update (David) - Taking small Shapeoko 2 and Arcade machine. Rick will take Raspberry Pi's and Arduinos. May bring a 3D printer if they agree to it.

501c3 status update - finding law and financial advisors (Rick and Russel) Rick will schedule a meeting with John Patterson (accountant)

Member onboarding (Rachel)

Mathew and his wife recently joined, and attended the meeting. They make lamps fro found items and sell them on Etsy. Niminda is new to Mobile and joined a few weeks ago from a Makerspace in Wichita. In the process of starting his own business. Ready for full membership. Recommendation from Rick Green for full membership. Rick has known him from the Raspberry Pi workshops since June this year. His specialties includes composites. Curt Crider is also new. Also working on full membership. Johnathan Reynolds attended the meeting. He is a former member from the early days.

New Business

Update from DBP - trash and supplies (Dana) Housekeeing is important. Don't use the O'Daleys dumpster. We have a trash can, needs to be put to the curb when it is full. If it is at the curb and empty, bring it back into the gate. Trash pickup for the can runs every day. Asked us to help pay for paper supplies and garbage bags twice a year ($50).

Member Exit Survey results (Dana) Dana sent a survey to former members. The responses that were returned said they had moved away. One comment mentioned lack of organization, unwritten rules and norms that scares away new members. Johnathan recommended a safety orientation for new members. We were all shown the First aid kit from DBP. David will get a price for a first aid kit for the Makerspace. We also need hearing protection (ear plugs). Discussed purchasing a new table saw with a saw stop.

Core values (Dana)

  • open discussion about organization's core values. DIY, functional making, crafting, educational resources.
  • propose list of 3-4 values. What are the values of the group?
1. Inclusion
2. Diversity (technical and demographic, facilitating self learning)
3. Inspiration in learning
4. Empowering everyone now

Logistics (Dana) We all voted to take over the shared area from DBP. Rick will provide early funding for the extra rent.

  • Space is valuable. What do you want to keep and where do we put it? Equipment should be movable and have a reserved storage place. Rick will order wheels for the jointer and planer.
    • What criteria do we use to decide what stays and goes?
  • Does it help generate or retain membership?
  • Propose rules for personal and project storage
    • one time fee for personal storage, decrease the bin size
    • project storage based on recurring fee, recurring approval. For wood, put your name on it and the date it arrived. Maybe a project name. The date will present a time limit, where we can evaluate whether it needs to stay or go. Assume that no names on wood means that it is available for anyone for any project.


B&N Maker Faire 11/5-6 November LODA Artwalk 11/11 - DIY Christmas theme.

Next meeting: 11/26 11am.