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Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks.



Old business

This should come from the previous months minutes. The Wiki has a spot for the minutes so we can all see it.

New business

Liability forms

  • expect PR Officer to manage
  • reply to info@ so all officers are in the know

B&N Mini Maker Faire 11/6-8

  • Need a manager
  • Volunteer projects

Food Fight 2015


  • 3D Printing class 10/8
  • Artwalk 10/9
  • SALUG Kali Linux 10/10
  • Mobile Streets Alive 10/18
  • Barnes & Noble mini maker faire 11/6-8

Schedule next meeting

Meeting Minutes 10/3/2015

Officer report Finance Since last meeting $649 added Current balance $723 Membership is covering expenses Members present: Dana, Rick, Josh, David, Jon, Jake, Nathan Miller, Adam Meeting started 11am and adjourned 12:04pm

Old officer business and Projects

Dana - there is a wiki section for the laser cutter. Working the eventbright and Meetup sites. Before we leave, everyone sign the liability forms. Requested membership to keep up with the liability forms. Best robotics home school teams have visited. B&N Mini Maker Faire.

Josh - Not much - need to test email forwarding. Would like to add more to the wiki. hung the sign on the wall.Asked for a materials rack for the room. Josh volunteered to managed the B&N maker faire.

Rick - Signed us up for the mini Maker faire. Taking minutes right now. Working on the motorized wheelchair.

Adam - taking roll and keeping the membership list. As of September, 8 full membership, 1 associate membership. Some of them paid in advance, so there was a total of 11.

Public relations - no one has heard from Enzo, and he is not responding to emails or info. Use the reply all for the info requests.

Food fight event - Elise visited Food fight project is a construction competition for all ages. Take food and build structures out of it. They get a space and canned/boxed food to build art/structures. Science/tech/engineering project. Also learn project management. Food goes to the bay area foodbank. Similar to Canstruction. Has a voting component (dollar/token per vote, with proceeds going to foodbank). Faith academy robotics team just signed up. Looking for church youth groups, school groups. Wants us to spread the word and be judges, maybe get some advertising out of it. At the fairgrounds during the fair, right in the front in expo hall. Right now, she needs teams to build stuff. Need 14 teams, have 5 right now. Making this an annual event. Jake will be the point of contact for this.

New business

3D print class on 8th. TinkerCAD, 123D tools, Mesh mixer, modelling and printing.

Artwalk on the 9th. Need a theme. Ask an engineer night? Josh recommended a custom lit sign (neon-like sign). November - Christmas ornaments with eggbot, laser cutter & 3D printer.

SALUG - next Saturday presentation on Kali.

Streets alive 18th. We have a table in the square near DBP.

Mini maker faire at B&N

Next meeting Oct 31st.