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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened at hh:mm by Rick Green (1/9/2021) 11am. Remote meeting via Jitsi

Member Attendance: Rick, Kat, Tim, Jackie, Westley, Richard Harris, Ray, Barbara


Meeting adjourned 11:50am

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President -
    • Friday night hosting. Also came in last Saturday to clean/organize.
    • Met with Matt Anderson and Elizabet. They are interested in collaboration work as we exit the pandemic.
    • Friday night numbers: between 3 and 5.
  • Vice President -
    • Hosting Tuesday nights.
    • Tuesday night numbers: between 1 and 2
    • Planning a CNC and laser workshop
  • Secretary - NA
    • test text
  • Treasurer -

End of 2020 Balance: $5,548.05 Other: $1,526.38 (unaccounted for extra in bank) GoFundMe account: $1100.00

  • Membership - NA
    • Numbers report
    • Associate: 1
    • Full: 26
  • Marketing - NA
    • test text
    • test text

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
    • Any issues ?
    • Rough attendance numbers

Old Business

  • Movie night - projector and surround system is hooked up. Need some Bluray discs for movies, and a schedule.
  • Membership drive went OK. Had about a dozen people. Signed up some (5). Thanks to Barbara for her hard work in contacting former members and people. Also thanks to Ray Lamb for his help in spreading the word.
  • Funding ideas - We brought in $719.46 in Christmas ornament sales in December. Need ideas for Mardi Gras items to sell. St. Patricks and Valentines day items as well.
  • Equipment inventory needed - Bruce to look into a system for this using a web based program. Rick started adding inventory to the Wiki. Ray has an inventory list he made Google Drive of the dirty room - need to combine them.
  • Previous meeting minutes here Member_meeting_9/5/2020

New Business

  • Consideration for an advisory board for the Makerspace. Spoke to Matt Anderson about this. He is interested and is talking to others.
  • Ray Lamb agreed to be an official host for Thursday nights 7 - 9pm
  • Future Events planning
  • New members to be voted in
    • Tim Benson, Brandon Morris, Norman Cooke. Tim showed up and was voted in as a full member.


  • New equipment/supplies this month
    • Radial arm saw is operational
    • Ray lamb brought in a metal machining tool and a ShopSmith with a lot of accessories. The machining tool appears to be set up and usable. The ShopSmith just needs new wheels.
    • Matthew donated a set of metal drill bits
    • Ray Lamb also fixed the dust collector and provided the parts to connect it to the table saw.
    • Kat and Ray have tested the vacuum forming machine. It is now ready to use.
    • Rick brought in a newer Cameo Silhouette 3 vinyl cutter. It is like brand new.
    • Rick also brought in a toaster oven
    • Kat brought in a stripped screw extractor set. It is in the toolbox. Includes hex/start bits.
    • Rick brought in a few laptops that were donated by Michael Black. The do not have hard drives, but are otherwise serviceable. The 2 Macbooks did not come with power supplies.
  • Equipment wish list
    • Welding equipment - Bruce has a Lincoln welder and will bring it in. Ray Lamb also has a welder he can bring in.
      • Rick Baskin was going to contact Lincoln Electric.
    • Foundry (Casting liquid metal) (Kat/Westley)
      • Westley to bring in a Big Green Egg. Need some help getting it to the space. No gas burner - coal only.
    • Forge (knife making, aluminum casting) (Kat/Westley)
    • Ceramics/pottery - Westley is very interested.
      • Need tongs, hammers, safety equipment (gloves, face shields) Westley has a crucible, firebrick, blower/ductwork, fuel(charcoal), consumables
      • Kat will be in charge of safety and training of all metal working equipment
    • Plumbing for air compressor (Rick Baskin)
    • Sand-blasting cabinet (Rick Baskin)
    • Ductwork for downdraft sanding table - May be able to repurpose the one from the recalled sliding radial arm saw?
  • In need of service/repair/parts
    • Old MakerBot printer. The stepper cables between the motherboard and the extruders need replacing (at minimum).
    • Wacom screen has died. Appears to be the backlight. Looking into a repair.
    • Rostock printer had a problem with the fan. Rick printed a new effector and replaced the fans to correct the problem. It needs to be re-calibrated but will be ready to use after that.
  • Other
    • Prusa printers that were borrowed from the Library have been returned to them

Project status

  • Completed
    • Mini theater with surround sound is working. The screen is not physicality attached to the roll-up door, but to the slides.
  • In progress
    • Downdraft sanding tables being built by Westley Green
  • Workshop planning and ideas
    • Plan to resume Arduino workshops
    • Plan to resume 3D printing group
    • Kat Laser and CNC workshops being planned after Covid settles down.
    • Simple woodwork shops. Bruce and Westley can give these woodworking shops.
      • Simple boxes, bee hives, bird houses
  • Next Meeting: February 20th 11am.