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Proposed agenda for General Member Meeting to be held 1/28/2017 11am at Mobile Makerspace

Officer reports

What have you accomplished over the last month, what are you going to do next, are there any roadblocks/risks. President - Had a meeting with Fuse Project. They are planning an event in last weekend of March.

Vice President - Got contacted by General Dynamics - waiting for a call back. Finished the metal working table. Brought a new computer for the laser cutter, and acquired an oscilloscope. Contacted Lucy from the Library to discuss Pi day event.

Secretary - Keeping up with school work, continuing to talk to USA students about the space. Continuing to come when available, such as Artwalk.

Treasurer - End of year balance was 2261.73. Completed property tax for last year 2.54. December membership - 7 full, 2 community. Operating balance as of today is 2197.35. School factory invoice came in for $90 by Feb 12th. Voted on dropping School factory as a fiscal sponsor to get our own 501C3. Quorum is available at the meeting, and the vote was unanimous. Reached out to Robin and BEST about the tidy drone. She is available to help promote it.

Marketing - Keeping up with stuff online. Keep sharing stuff online.

Membership - We have 7 full members and 2 associate members. Lost a few from last month - emails have been sent out to those members that are unaccounted for. Recommended to encourage recurring membership payments. Also need people that are engaged in the Makerspace.

Old Business

501c3 status update - work planned for after meeting

Shop inventory update (Rick). In progress. Put the outline on the shared drive.

Shop updates - most materials removed and took to Rick's workshop. Check with Rick if you need some wood for a project.

Doorbell update (Josh and Dana) - Working on a project to get a wired doorbell with audio and visual alert

Duties and Responsibilities(Dana) - received remaining info, will create document for site.

Shop changes

FPV Multi-rotor build (Dana) present proposal on behalf of Russ Gilder. He came to Dana with a $500 budget for 50 kids to cover frame materials and membership. Need to create a list of materials needed. Unanimous vote approved this.

New Business

Mardi Gras Scheduling - expected dates for closing. Updated on the web site. Need to cancel any Meetup events.

Discuss shop manager - Rick suggested the VP. Unanimous vote to have this assigned to the VP.

Pi Day and Other event planning - March 11th. Josh is in charge, will create a Slack channel.

 Startup Weekend - last weekend of March
 NOLA Maker Faire - April
 No Artwalk in February due to Mardi Gras

Meeting adjourned 12:40pm.


February LODA ArtWalk - may be cancelled due to Mardi Gras

Next meeting: Feb 18th 2017 at Moes on Airport/McGreggor