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Member meeting
Date: JAN 12, 2019

open at 11:00
Closed : 12:43
added Brian’s clarifications on his remarks at 1:17 pm.


  1. Rick
  2. Jamie
  3. Brian
  4. Kat
  5. Matthew
  6. Josh
  7. Russell

Welcome visitors:

  1. Ricky Greer: Makes lenses / Tinkerer. Monoprice Makerprice
  2. Tracy Screws: Realtor / Tinkerer.
  3. Tami Rary: teacher/ robotics at Scarborough

Officer reports


  • started new job at USA
  • He's been using meetup/FB/website
  • do next: communicating w/ Matthew at city
  • He bought new wood for Izzy Swan table top
  • No to any roadblocks.

Vice President

  • plan to work on CNC
  • z-axis wheels on CNC need attention. Suggestion to use threadlocker
  • needs help leveling bed.
  • Saw stop needs vacuum underneath. Rick will look at that. Add to maintenance plan.


  • Not present


  • 2018 report: To summarize, it's increasing.
  • Started: $4,124.
  • Ended balance: $11,204. (minus Gen. Dyn. Donation: 6,204.)

Marketing :

  • Not present

Membership :

  • Took these meeting minutes
  • Passed around thank you cards. MH will mail these to General Dynamics and Hollis family.
  • 15 members as of JAN. 2.
    • 4-5 associates / 9-10 Full
  • Brian has 17 members on his spreadsheet.
  • automate w/ zapier
  • Can help Josh with leveling CNC bed

Old Business
last meeting minutes I could find was SEP 2018. Nothing outstanding from there.

New Business

  • Discuss Roomba donations. MH will sell one on Ebay. Proceeds will go into tool fund for more clamps, channel locks and vise grips
  • Discuss and vote on what to do w/ Gen. Dynamic donation. Brian W. insist on setting aside six months worth of expenses. This is $3,000.
  • These are the options that were mentioned:
    • Buy a new Laser cutter
We can not “brain transplant” or modify existing laser
Rick mentioned Boss brand laser Model 1630: Boss Laser
    • Expand current space
expand upstairs.
Brian : do a cost analysis. How much would we have paid per foot to renovate. Concerns about A/C.
Rick: Get permission from delta bike project
shipping container to turn into machine shop. Metalworking.
zoning concerns [MH]
    • Moving to a new location.

:This was set aside. More problems and questions than answers.

Partner w/ another group to share space (Roller derby for example)
Current rent is 400 for space. Covers electric and water.
rick concern about cost of moving. Also, how to sustaining the rent of the new place.
Help from city: We are not counting it. Maybe ask for help with permitting when times comes.
Check on when our lease is up.
    • Electronic billboard.
Cost too much.
  • Other new business
  • Rostock upgrades. Last meeting it was decided to use tool fund money to buy an Autlolevel bed.
  • SLA printer: Rick mention that someone talked about donating one ?
  • Discuss lab hours for Mardi Gras: Feb. 15 – March 5. Cancel notice on website due to parades.

  • Related: Give Joel Leonard a tour. Partner w/ Lincoln Electric a tour
  • Note:Brian asked members to take photos of their projects and send to Brian.
  • Next quarterly meeting is April. April 6th same time and place.