Member meeting 1/11/2020

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  • Meeting Opened at 4:05 pm by MH and RG (1/11/2020)
  • Location: Makerspace


  • Shawn Chesser
  • Greg C.
  • Emma
  • Susan J
  • Smith Wyckoff
  • Kat Steel
  • Yancey Leeth
  • Josh
  • Rick

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President -
  • For the last month, I have accomplished the following for the Makerspace:
  • Donated $20k to the Makerspace. I visited my sister in Kansas, and she made a $500 cash donation.
  • Received donation of a sewing machine with cabinet and accessories.
  • Met with Vickie Giles with Gulf Regional Early Childhood Services to discuss a collaboration with us to provide assistance and training for kids and adult workers in technology.
  • Responded to several email questions (Ashley Jones asking about children's programs, Mary Kuipers, Lucy Coleman, and Stacie Taylor with the public library, Russ Gilder with the drone racing team, Ryan Dolan asking about woodworking, and Page Mims asking about membership with her son)
  • Posted several items and events to social media and our web site.
  • Paid the subscription for our Meetup membership and transferred the management of it from Dana to myself.
  • Added Ollie Board to the keyless entry system and issued him a keyfob.
  • Bought some Ikea Lack tables for a future 3D printer enclosure. Preparing for a 3D printer interest group.
  • Finally got the micro drone club to come down to check out the space for an indoor racing event (next Saturday night). Been working on this since October.
  • Friday night numbers:
  • Vice President -
  • Artwalk in DEC. Some success.
  • Suggestion: do more kid friendly events.
  • He met with Electrician on wiring up paint booth, air compressor and GFCI plug for dust collector
  • $1700 estimated
  • to-do: Josh send Yancey elec. estimates
  • French cleat wall in progress
  • Thursday night numbers: no visitors

  • Secretary -
  • No one in position

  • Membership -
  • Numbers report for DEC 2019
  • Associate:2
  • Full:9+2 couples
  • Total people: 14
  • Wednesday night numbers: We had James Aldridge visit. Potential member.
  • To-do: track people that are behind

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
  • Any issues ?
  • Rough attendence numbers
  • Kat: Marketing of the makerspace is needed.
  • Josh: Clean up after yourself in various shops
  • Rick: no. Busy with members
  • Matthew: If a tool is out of order, we need to mark it as such. Using the blue tape, write "out of service" on it. Then place on the tool.
  • suggestion: Set up host rotation for weekends. Lucius was mentioned. However, he's no longer a member.
  • Marketing -
  • No one in this position. Floor opened up to discussion.
  • Rick suggested hiring “bluefish” marketing firm. Rick and Susan vouched for them.
  • Optimizing Google account (traffic), keywords, uses the same keywords as ones that are used by Lowe’s and Michaels. Create an AirBnB experience for Mobile Makerspace. Specifc: Laser etching and 3d printing. This gets us listed w/ AirBnB. Use TikTok and Youtube. Take pictures. [Susan]
  • FaceBook live. He will do more of this. Encouraged people to share their creations. Use social media. [Oliver]
  • Signage is a NEED. Rick talk to landlord about a sign. MH will talk to city regarding law.
  • Have another Open House
  • paid Tours ?
  • Yancey offers commercial photography services. Mentioned encouraging people to come in to finish projects
  • Contact Gamers and Geeks by Oliver
  • Update website. Adding pages to show off pictures
  • Reference: 600,000 people in Mobile area

Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:

New Business

  • Vistor intro
  • Shawn – teaches high school science in MS. Wide ranging background from house building to restoring cars. Wants to learn 3d printing and sew.
  • Emma: Gulfquest. Did marketing
  • Smith Wycoff : makerspace in ATL. Digital marketing, websites. Intrests woodworking, 3d printing.
  • Susan: seamstress; former member and will come back.
  • Morgan: Wichita, KS. Learning about Mobile, AL; move here for work. Found us on google.


  • Officer Elections need to be scheduled. We will revisit that topic in March. Everyone think about positions.
  • Bylaws. The address is wrong. Also, see the last page (page 12); I think they are expired? BOD will address this before next meet
  • Makerspace Event Planning
  • Goal: recruit members through the following
  • Classes
  • Events to Attend
  • Create a universal calendar cover the next 4-6 months
  • See this link

Item wishlist


This area is to list tasks to be done by somebody by given date

*Item 1


  • See above link
  • Next Meeting:
  • Date: FEB 8
  • Time: 11 a.m.
  • Meeting Closed at 6 p.m