Member Meeting 7/1/2023

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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened at 11:00am by Rick Green 7/1/2023

Officer Reports

  • President - Thanks to everyone for showing up for cleaning day.
  • Vice President - Not present
  • Secretary - Doing meeting minutes
  • Treasurer - See treasurer report. Received a $500 donation from Port City Craftsmen. Received $50 from Artwalk donations. Had $100 donation from Ray and John Delaughter. Thanks to Matthew for handling E-bay sales. Had 3 new members join in June. Power bill increased a lot due to weather. Based on current income level, projected deficit of $365 for July.

Host reports

  • Monday - A few members come by. No tours or visitors.
  • Tuesday - 3 or 4 members each night and a few tours.
  • Wednesday - 4 - 5 members average. Laignappe article was published. Renee with Azalea City Con (formerly Mobicon) asked about panelists and table. Discussed shop safety in the dirty shop due to the SawStop activation - brake was sent off for analysis. Added a tarp to the dirty shop roof where it is leaking.
  • Thursday - James has been handling. Need a new Thursday person.
  • Friday - Busiest night 5 - 10.

Old Business

  • Dust separator cart is being tested.

New Business

  • Need to use Meetup more often and give access to Brian
  • Post marketing ideas in Slack Marketing channel
  • James is working on a Battleship game to put at the Battleship. Also working on other guerilla marketing ideas for the local area and Instagram.
  • Rick is posting in the Mobile channel of Reddit
  • Consider marketing in Fairhope. Possibly get a table at a craft show. Fishermans and Famers market in Fairhope, International festival

Project ideas

  • The 360 selfie camera
  • Dance circle for July Artwalk
  • Reminder of the Projects channel in Slack
  • Retro arcade game night
  • 3D printed violin

Events coming up

  • Artwalk 7/14
  • Maker Social 7/15
  • Hamfest 7/7-8
  • Azalea City Con 7/15-16
  • Next meeting August 5th 11am. Meeting closed 11:55am