Member Meeting 5/6/2023

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Opening remarks

Meeting Opened at 11:00am by Kat Steel 5/6/2023

Officer reports

What have you accomplished since the last meeting

  • President -
  • Elections will be held in June for President, VP, and Secretary.

  • Vice President - Not Present
  • Secretary - No Report
  • Treasurer -
  • Net income: -35.74
  • Current Balance: 190.87
  • Current expected budget deficit: -599.64
  • We can now accepted payments via Zelle using the name "Mobile Makerspace" and email address:
  • Unable to use CashApp or Venmo because they both require actual phone numbers. A Google Voice number or other VOIP numbers.

  • Membership -
  • 33 members, 1 member cancelled and 1 new member at the Retired level.
  • Marketing -
  • Maker Monday to spotlight projects
  • Tool Tuesday collaboration with Ray to spotlight tools to members and non-members as well

Host and Volunteer reports

  • Hosts
  • Monday: No visitors, a couple members have been here.
  • Tuesday: 2-3 people per night.
  • Wednesday: visitor Calvin (through John D.), Reporter will be here this Wednesday. Large drill press was broken. It has been rotated so it can be used again. Looking for reparations instead of repercussions.
  • Thursday: Sue is shifting to Thursday to fill in for Ray while he is unable to host.
  • Friday: Several members and visitor (Jeremy Borden signed up)
  • Sunday: no report.

Old Business

  • Previous meeting minutes here:


New Business

  • Finances: put in for grants.
  • Podcast
  • Ham Radio group
  • Boys/Girl Scouts
  • Pine Wood derby
  • Looking for another space. Lease expires next year.
  • Email forwarding disabled by hosting company, recommend using Pop3 access.
  • A box of donated cameras were moved to the closet in the Ebay area for the time being. What do we do with them?
  • William Allen eligible for key.

  • Future Events planning
  • Artwalk, Maker Meet.
  • Next Meeting: June 6rd, 11am and elections.

8Meeting Closed by Kat Steel 12:00pm.