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It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from many of our members.

Get in touch with Mobile Makerspace.

We’ve got a number of events planned for March and would love to get the word out to you. It would be even better to see you in person. Don’t be a stranger, come join us in the month of March.

You can send us an email at, or create a post on the Google+ community, or facebook. Show off what you’ve been up to, or get in touch with what other members are doing.

Dont be shy!

News 5 features a story about “Coding Crisis” here in America

WKRG Coding Crisis

WKRG News 5 here in Mobile featured a story last night about the lack of Computer Science and Programming curriculum in local schools and across our nation.

CS and programming are not being taught to school kids.

Makerspaces have always been focused on learning. Learning to code and program both in digital and physical realms has always been a major part of the bedrock of “Maker” culture. With Open Source Programs opening the possibility for young programmers to peruse source code for mainstream programs and even operating systems.  And Products like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino offering (more) affordable ways to dabble in coding, automation and even web serving, with minimal commitment and allocation of resources.

Makerspaces are now popping up in towns, schools and libraries all over the country (and the world)

People are coming together to build their ideas be it code or gadgets or machines.

P.S. Last night was part 1 tonight they will be showing part 2 be sure to tune in.


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What will you teach

Our makerspace is all about sharing, collaborating and learning. We’ve held a few classes and workshops and the plan is to have many more of these. I was perusing another makerspace’s site and got inspired to highlight some of the classes other spaces have held or will be holding.

So my question to you is, what will you teach us? By collaborating we strengthen each other, we all have something we can learn or teach.  All of our members are encouraged to Plan, Schedule, Teach, Volunteer and Attend classes.

Get involved, teach us what you know.

Here’s a few examples of what we could do..

Planning Meeting results 1/21/14

We’re gonna work to get events created for February soon.

The rundown is something like.

2/15/14 – We are going to drive to Malbis and meetup with the guys from ECCM (around early afternoon)
2/18/14 – Planning meeting in the evening
2/22/14 – Not locked in yet but possibly an open outdoor build day, bring a project

We are also working on promotional materials for the Teen Tech Extravaganza with the library. We are looking at doing small posters (letter page size) and bookmarks.

We need projects to show the public in the event in March, something that moves or blinks or beeps, something with interaction and results.

There will be more about that later.


Hackerspaces with Successful Kickstarters

Ben asked today (ben’s post) if we have considered using Kickstarter to gain some funding. So this evening I searched for spaces who have run kickstarter campaigns. This search yielded some very positive results..

Here’s some of what I found:


Los Angeles Makerspace

Raised $34,000 of $15,000 Goal

A Hackerspace Grows in Brooklyn.

by NYC resistor

Raised $3,000 of $2,000 Goal

Unallocated Space: A New Hackerspace

Raised $5,000 or $3,000 Goal

Mothership HackerMoms: The first women’s hackerspace!

Raised $12,000 of $10,000 goal

Hacker Scouts Oakland Lab

Raised $37,000 of a $35,000 goal.

(Hackerscouts looks like an amazingly fun program!)


These are success stories. Can we do something like this in Mobile? If we run a kickstarter would it get word of our organization out to the right backers?





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