Tech Extravaganza Planning Meeting

If you are bringing a project to the Teen TechExtravaganza please get in touch with the maker group ASAP. If you need power or a table we need to plan these and other details.

The planning meeting will be Tuesday March 11th at 7pm at Panera Bread on Airport Blvd in Mobile.

The Teen Tech Extravaganza hosted by the library and put on by Mobile Makerspace is 4 days after this meeting. This meeting is the deadline for project readiness and we will discuss what accessories and fixtures we will need and how those will be provided.

Thanks for your help and support.


Teen Tech Extravaganza


The Teen Tech Extravaganza!

We will be showing our DIY tech projects to the public.

Come show off your projects or look at what others have built.

We are collaborating with the library with this event to bring the excitement of making to local teens and students.

March 15th at 10:30 AM

@Mobile Public Library Moorer Springhill Branch.


First Event for March

Build/Hack Day

March 1 @ 9:30 AM4:00 PM

We’re all gonna get together and have fun working on our projects. Join us at Ricks house, bring your projects and toolbox. We’ll have an outdoor space setup to work. Along with the fab shop and lots of computers.

If you don’t have a project you can have fun taking something apart (we’ve got lots of out of use items). Build an engraver from 2 dvd drives? We’ve got all the stuff, just come and hack around on it and have fun with the rest of us.

Get in touch with Mobile Makerspace


It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from many of our members.

Get in touch with Mobile Makerspace.

We’ve got a number of events planned for March and would love to get the word out to you. It would be even better to see you in person. Don’t be a stranger, come join us in the month of March.

You can send us an email at, or create a post on the Google+ community, or facebook. Show off what you’ve been up to, or get in touch with what other members are doing.

Dont be shy!

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