Officer Elections 2015

Mobile Makerspace officer elections will be held August 22nd 10AM at our location downtown Mobile Alabama 561 Saint Francis St. Dues paying members in good standing are eligible to vote. You may become a Full Member and vote during the meeting.

The following positions are available:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership
  • Public Relations

Email info[at]makerspacemobile[dot]org your intent to run for a specific office at least 48 hours before the scheduled election. You may hold more than one office. However, no person shall hold the office of both President and Secretary.

Members may cast their vote by proxy. They must announce their intent to the group via email prior to the meeting and identify who will be responsible for casting their vote.


Sew This Happened

Mobile Makerspace member Angela Fedor recently organized and ran a series of sewing classes for homeschoolers. The students worked on embroidery, appliqué, piping and other skills. Utilizing the makerspace for teaching and empowerment is what it’s all about.

LoDa Artwalk Open House

Check out Mobile Makerspace during LoDa Artwalk Friday July 10th from 6-9PM. Stop in a play a few rounds of PacMan. We have a retro bartop arcade running PacMan and other classic games. Get counted by the Raspberry Pi powered People Counter that tracks people using the phone’s WiFi radio. 3D printing and other member project demos will be going on as well.


More Making

We’ve expanded our open hours! Starting June 19th Rich will be hosting Friday evenings from 6-9pm. This makes 4 nights a week Associate Members can make, hack, build, or work on their projects at Mobile Makerspace.

Interested in joining? Stop by during open hours and hangout. Sign up when you’re ready.

Connect With Us

Mobile Makerspace is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are a social group, so get in touch. Follow us and be the first to hear news, get updates and special offers.

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