The Shop Is Back Open

Thank you for your understanding during our temporary closure, but we finally got the issue with our liability insurance provider corrected and the shop will be back open this coming week.

So make plans to come down to the space for a tour, demonstration or to get started on that project you’ve been itching to start!

Jointer and Planer Demo

Our woodworking guru, David L., will hold a jointer and planer demo after our monthly member meeting. He has some notes on picking stock to make the most of the demo:

Anyone who wants to practice with those machines after the demonstration would do well to bring some short lengths of 2 x 4. 24 inch long pieces would be good.

When selecting your stock, look for pieces with the fewest number of knots. Most home centers carry 2 x 4s in 2 or 3 slightly different pine species, kept in separate bins. Check all bins for the most knot free boards.

The meeting is Saturday April 29th 11am at Mobile Makerspace. Stick around for the demo!

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