Officer Elections

Mobile Makerspace officer elections will be held August 30th 10AM at our location downtown Mobile Alabama 561 Saint Francis St. Dues paying members in good standing are eligible to vote. You may become a member and vote during the meeting.


The following positions are available:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership
  • Public Relations

Email publicrelations[at]makerspacemobile[dot]org your intent to run for a specific office at least 48 hours before the scheduled election. You may hold more than one office. However, no person shall hold the office of both President and Secretary.

Members may cast their vote by proxy. They must announce their intent to the group via email prior to the meeting and identify who will be responsible for casting their vote.

Draft ballot is available in the Google drive here.

Shapeoko 3D Carver Build Day

Makerspace and community members gathered to help assemble the Shapeoko 3D carver Mobile Makerspace won in the Inventibles 50 States contest. The build was held at Shelby Hall on University of South Alabama campus. Local Jubilee BEST robotics mentors joined us to watch the assembly process. They are looking to add a Shapeoko for their students to use in creating gears and other robot components.

We completed assembling the mechanical components of the Shapeoko mill. Wiring the motors and controller remains. The assembly isn’t difficult. Keeping the bags of bolts and nuts organized was crucial. We did have to re-tap several parts because we didn’t tap deep enough during the original prep.

Here is a time-lapse video Geoff compiled of the build:

June Events

Great turnout for June Artwalk at our new location. Lots of new faces and excitement about Mobile Makerspace. We plan to continue having open house during LoDa Artwalk. It’s held the second Friday of the month from 6-9PM. Be sure to stop by and check our progress and exciting member projects.

Sparks a Reaction was a success with the families. Davidson’s Jubilee BEST robotics team let people operate one of the previous year’s robots. Makerspace members brought demonstrations for non-Newtonian fluids, a robotic camera platform, several different RC helicopters. Retro games were run from a Raspberry Pi and projected onto a big screen in the alcove. We also demonstrated 3D printing and more member projects.

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Open Doors Tonight

Open Doors for LoDa Artwalk

Come visit Mobile Makerspace during LoDa Artwalk Friday June 13th from 6-9pm. We are located at The Hive. Just one block off Dauphin Street across from Wintzell’s.

We’ll have member projects running. See the progress we’re making on preparing the space.

Learn about Delta Bike Project and their mission as Mobile’s community bike shop.

Be a famous painting in the Rumor Union photobooth.

Check out the live music performances in The Vault.

561 Saint Francis Street at the corner of Warren and Saint Francis.

Connect With Us

Mobile Makerspace is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are a social group, so get in touch. Follow us and be the first to hear news, get updates and special offers.

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