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Making progress..

Mobile Makerspace continues to make progress in setting up the new space. We have full AC working in all spaces, Internet is connected, and many tools set up and functioning. There is still much to do! We are still unpacking and setting up equipment, including new stuff. Now is a great time to get involved with Mobile Makerspace. You can help configure the space using your talents and ideas while we are still setting things up and preparing for our grand re-opening on November 2nd. Come on down and check out our progress so far. Consider becoming a member to get plugged in to the local community of makers!

We have moved!

Mobile Makerspace has a new home at 805 Church St. in Downtown Mobile. This new space has much more room and is fully air conditioned. Now is a great time to become a new member! Come on down to see the new place and get involved!

We are planning an OpenHouse event with the date to be determined. Our business meeting is this Saturday Oct 5th at the Makerspace. We encourage the community to attend these meetings to get to know us and each other.

Makerspace status

This week (September 23 – 27) the Makerspace will be closed for general operations. We will be at the new location this week preparing it for move in day on Saturday September 28th. If you need to use any of the tools this week, please work with one of our members to get access to the old space. Keep in mind that all equipment will be moved to the new location this weekend. If your project can wait, please wait until after the move so you can enjoy the larger space and air conditioning! If you are available this week, and especially this weekend, come by the new location at 805 Church St. and lend us a hand in preparing the new place!

We are moving!

The BoD met August 23rd to discuss and vote on the move. The move to the potential location on Church St. has been approved. Thank you all for your support, and keep watching for our posts on Facebook, our web site, and other social media sites for progress updates and how you can get involved.

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Mobile Makerspace is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are a social group, so get in touch. Follow us and be the first to hear news, get updates and special offers.

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